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No Compromise on your CPAP Therapy: whether you are at home or on the go

A good night's sleep can do wonders; beyond boosting one's mood and appearance, it has numerous benefits for the heart, metabolism, mind and more. In a nutshell, it is one of the most crucial facets of a daily routine. While the benefits of a good sleep at home cannot be undermined, its importance while travelling increases significantly...

Published: Jul 26, 2018 08:30:38 AM IST
Updated: Jul 26, 2018 04:17:10 PM IST

No Compromise on your CPAP Therapy: whether you are at home or on the go
Catering to the needs of its discerning customers– frequent fliers, corporate heads, etc. - Philips has introduced a distinctive CPAP offering - the DreamStationGo . This sleek device is portable and packable so that dynamic users like you do not have to compromise on your Sleep Apnea Therapy.

Being 65% smaller and 48% lighter than other PAPs in its league, the DreamStationGo is light weight and compact and makes no noise. It also has 33% fewer components to pack than its closest competitors and is compatible with all mask types. In addition to all the outcomes of other auto PAPs, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity for self-management of Therapy, which enables self-monitoring with its touchscreen, for easy and intuitive navigation and the DreamMapper app, which supports monitoring of outcomes. It is also the only PAP with battery, a feature that any traveler would appreciate immensely.

Perfect Travel Companion
Being compact and easy to carry, without any hassle at airports, as it complies with FAA requirements for in-flight use, it is perfect for frequent fliers and corporate crunchers who live out of a suitcase, most of the time, and demand sturdy products and convenience. It is also a great comfort to CEOs, HNIs, Politicians and other elites like you, who may choose to use the DS Go as a second PAP. It becomes a must have if you are an adventure enthusiasts - backpackers, campers, nature loving tourists – who typically looks for a smaller model which has battery storage, as it will fit conveniently with your off-beat tour schedules.

Ultimate Use and Service Experience
The package, which includes a DreamWear Mask, filters, pipe and travel case, comes with personalized service for installation, usage and service. Its intuitive colour touch screen offers a quick, simple set up and easy navigation. The cherry on the cake is that Philips provides a 5 year Warranty for the product while all other CPAPs come with a 2 year warranty, at best. In fact, as a local solution (with appropriate certifications) bundled with the PAP, distributors import the device directly with the 5 year warranty while the India Service Infrastructure services the devices during the warranty period.

Another attractive add-on comes in the form of the direct touch point from Philips reps, who manage all product or performance related issues you may face. This service offering is managed via both a call-centre and local distributor PAPs. Last, but not the least, Philips contacts you directly, to gather your feedback and assist you in the process of device installation and ongoing usage.

No Compromise on your CPAP Therapy: whether you are at home or on the go

Making life better
The powerful features, sleek design and unmatched warranty support of the DreamStation Go make Sleep Apnea Therapy unbelievably convenient. This incredibly compact and light CPAP device from Philips, with all its incredible use and service features, is now available in India. Offering you a restful, silent sleep, the DreamStationGo certainly demonstrates that ‘There’s always a way to make life better’!

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