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Office in a bag-pack

Published: Aug 27, 2019 11:16:31 AM IST
Updated: Sep 9, 2019 04:07:30 PM IST

Office in a bag-pack
Technology has transformed the workplace and the way we work. It has rightly earned its reputation of being a disrupter by completely reshaping organizations and making business processes more integrated and streamlined. It has also changed the way people communicate within the workplace and how they connect with customers, building in faster more efficient and effective feedback mechanisms. All this has led to greater customer engagement, logistical efficiency, enhanced business TAT and other KPI as well.

At a very different level, it has melted away physical boundaries and destroyed traditional hierarchies. In the past, it would have been inconceivable that someone extremely young could run a corporation remotely. And yet today this is becoming the norm at start-up firms.

In a sense, technology has irreversibly changed the concept of work and in many ways, facilitated better work-life balance too.

Within this dynamic milieu, being equipped with the right technological tools and facilitators has become a necessity. The HP EliteBook, with its innovative engineering, high-quality performance, security features, exquisite craftsmanship and unquestionable durability, is the perfect work companion.

Work on the go

With its ultra-slim, aluminum casing and narrow border display, the HP EliteBook makes a style statement wherever it goes. Further, being lightweight, it aids working on the go. Literally built for collaboration, the HP EliteBook comes with amazing sound features. Its loud, top-firing speakers enhance listening experiences and its 360 degree voice pick-up and noise-cancellation, world-facing third microphone make PC calls productive. The high performance HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard enables launching and managing calls at the touch of a button. Options like mobile broadband and a high-resolution webcam and other features create the perfect set up for events such as successful virtual meetings from practically anywhere.  

All in a day’s work

At the same time, the HP EliteBook transitions seamlessly to a desktop device, enabling effortless productivity when clubbed with the 4K UHD EliteDisplay S270n and HP Thunderbolt Dock G2. These add-ons deliver enterprise manageability and an optional audio module.

The HP EliteBook is equipped with some interesting features, including Windows 10 Pro, powerful security features from HP, a HP Fast Charging Battery which recharges up to 50% within 30 minutes when the system is off or in standby mode, HP Privacy Camera shutter that shields the lens of the camera, etc.

It also offers many optional features that make work go faster and life become simpler and more interesting. For instance, it could be fitted with the 8th Gen quad-core Intel® Core™ processor to speed up demanding business applications, AMD Radeon™ RX540 Discrete Graphics for creative applications, the latest global 4G LTE wireless broadband technology, etc.

Ultimate Security

In this era where the contents of a laptop are way more precious than the contents of a handbag or wallet, the HP EliteBook assures the deepest level of security. HP safeguards the foundation of the device with solutions that are enforced by the hardware for stronger protection. Designed to protect the device and the data in it, as well as the identity of the user, it is equipped with security features such as HP Sure Start Gen4 that automatically recovers the BIOS, the HP Sure Run self-healing protection, which keeps critical applications and processes running even if malware tries to shut them down and HP Sure Recover, which quickly and securely restores the device to the latest image, using a network connection.

Towards protecting data and identity, and enabling its users to browse confidently and work safely in the office or on the road, it comes with options like HP Sure View for instant protection against visual hacking, HP Sure Click for protection from websites and in-browser .pdf files infected with malware, ransomware, or viruses, integrated privacy screen, etc., in addition to a variety of biometric security features.

Colleague and Companion

Beyond being beautifully designed and manageable, with layers of security and powerful collaboration tools to keep you productive anywhere, the HP EliteBook is also well equipped to entertain and de-stress. It can follow your creative bidding and allow you to express yourself equally effectively.

In a nutshell, it keeps up with you effortlessly, while you switch between indoors and outdoors, work and play. And, all along, it looks and feels stunning.

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