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Poltrona Frau celebrates 110 years of elegant design and sophisticated manufacturing with its true evolution 2022 collection

Launching collaborations that shift perspectives towards the future

Published: Oct 3, 2022 06:28:37 PM IST
Updated: Oct 7, 2022 01:21:23 AM IST

Poltrona Frau celebrates 110 years of elegant design and sophisticated manufacturing with its true evolution 2022 collection

To commemorate its 110th anniversary, haute-design furniture brand Poltrona Frau rolled out its True Evolution 2022 collection, which reflects its history and manufacturing culture, with sustainability as the lever of development.

Through its work, the legendary brand puts the spotlight on cultural values and the testimony of its hugely relevant design that is way ahead of its time. While countless details of shape and sophisticated manufacturing techniques embody the essence of Poltrona Frau’s artisanal prowess, it has collaborated with a clique of design artists to introduce an eclectic collection, which brings to life an assortment of pieces that dialogue well with its existing catalogue and exhilarate the senses of its patrons.

In collaboration with contemporary mark-making artist Felipe Pantone, Poltrona Frau introduced an exclusive, limited edition armchair. Demonstrating his flair and panache, the Argentine-Spanish creator completely reinvented the Archibald armchair, one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, in his boundary-breaching style. Known for his frescos, murals, paintings and sculptures, which blend an ‘analogue past and a digital future’, Pantone has blended seemingly opposing forces of modern and heritage, with mesmerizing pattern and colours, in a sensibility that is minimalistic and iconic.

Poltrona Frau celebrates 110 years of elegant design and sophisticated manufacturing with its true evolution 2022 collectionAnother pièce de résistance is the Aurora Tre, a bed of unparalleled softness and comfort. Designed by Tito Agnoli, it is a faithful interpretation of an original design from 2005. Painter, designer, architect and pupil of Sironi, Agnoli’s concept transcends functionalist modernity, alluding to an intimate and harmonious relationship between the piece and its user. The fluid and enveloping lines on the headrest, conveying the image of being quilted, are a testament to Poltrona Frau’s extraordinary manufacturing skill and high cultural value. The Aurora Tre presents a complex but clean shape that interacts effectively with the most diverse styles as well as with other furnishings in the Poltrona Frau catalogue, to create unique and emotionally evocative settings.

Another intriguing creative partnership has culminated in the Happy Jack, a modular system conceived by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Designed with attention to comfort and a high level for detail, for smaller urban residences and for the contract sector, it is compact and airy, with curves and enveloping cushions. The signature concave armrest evokes a relaxing smile and embodies the very soul of the piece - the ‘Happy’ Jack. Its contemporary lines and stylistic imprint of its designers directly relate to the ‘Let it Be’ sofa, one of Poltrona Frau’s most successful products. The reinterpretation speaks to simplicity, which results from an accurate sizing process of the elements and of the complex technical and visual solutions, while the appeal of softness and geometric shape lend unmistakable character.

Poltrona Frau celebrates 110 years of elegant design and sophisticated manufacturing with its true evolution 2022 collectionCrafted for the dining room by the GamFratesi duo, two sculptural furnishing – Nice & Homey – are Poltrona Frau’s offerings for a warm, welcoming home, with a contemporary design that’s sophisticated. The skillfully calibrated proportions and refined manufacturing details of the small arm-chair and table showcase a three-dimensional embrace between vertical and horizontal elements that are central to the Italian-Danish duo’s creations. The result of complex geometries and careful work of proportioning, the chair organically and ergonomically envelops the surfaces of the body harmoniously, while the table offers solidity despite its slender design. While Nice was designed by GamFratesi in combination with the new Homey table, it interacts just as seamlessly with other tables in the Poltrona Frau collection.

Iconic furniture from Poltrona Frau’s Style and Design Centre, like the MassimoSistema sofa-bed, also enriches the anniversary collection. Elegantly simple, this piece is a functional answer to modern living spaces with its multi-functional character. The perfect balance depicted the dry and simple lines of the design and the welcoming comfort of the seat complement its rich elements: symmetrical and asymmetrical, two- and three-seater sofas, with or without arm-rests, chaise lounge, chaise elements and poufs, which can be arranged as one pleases, in keeping with inspiration or spaces.  

Interestingly, most of the collection sports Pelle Frau®, innovative Impact Less® leather that was developed to reduce the toll on the environment. Launched by Poltrona Frau, this fabric is the first Nubuck with the softness of velvet tanned with sustainable components and free of chromium. “An important purpose of this anniversary collection is to shift Poltrona Frau’s perspective towards the future – not only in terms of our collaborations with international artists of this nature – but also on the theme of environmental protection,” explains Amit Dinesh Pai, Managing Director & CEO, Poltrona Frau India Pvt Ltd.

The historic brand has been well received in India as the epitome of design, quality and class. It is the aspiration of people who appreciate exquisite furniture, revering it as art. The success of Poltrona Frau is reflected in the fact that premium residential and high end office projects typically prefer pieces from Poltrona Frau, which is a market leader in its genre in India. With over 6 showrooms, most of which are mono-brand, the iconic designer is the most accepted Italian luxury furniture brand in the country today.

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