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Snack that has it all

Kasia Bosne founder and owner of Rawmanticchocolate taps into the magic of her energy bars

Published: Feb 6, 2023 01:05:08 PM IST

Hello, it’s Kasia Bosne here. I’m the founder and owner of Rawmantic Chocolate based in NYC. While born in Poland, I was raised in the city that never sleeps. Growing up, I never showed much interest in the culinary arts. However, my mom made home-cooked meals using only fresh, local and organic ingredients. With an old family recipe from my grandma, she created the most delicious chocolate truffles too. She tried to teach me how to make them, but I was much more interested in fashion at the time. Though because of my mom, I understood the value of quality nutrition and eating guilt-free. Most of all I learned that healthy treats can be equally delicious. Little did I know then that in the future, after twenty years of working my dream job with well-known fashion designers, I’d return to my culinary roots. But first I would spend long hours dressing my clients while listening to their challenges in finding nutritional snacks they could enjoy.

I found myself inspired by these women and became determined to find a better means of snacking that was healthier, more convenient and of course delicious. What started as a desire to help my clients squeeze into dresses that were two sizes too small evolved into a genuine desire to create an innovative healthy snack bar for anyone with a hectic schedule. If only I’d paid more attention to my mother’s cooking lessons, I wouldn’t have had to spend a fortune to learn healthy cooking methods all over again! None the less, I became very passionate about nutrition, well-being and living a truly healthy lifestyle. And thus, Rawmantic Chocolate was born. It was launched over four years ago, when I was still running a full-time fashion business. Needless to say, I had my hands full!

While organizing fashion trunk shows, red carpet events, and making TV guest appearances nationwide; I was offering Rawmantic Chocolate behind the scenes. It was the perfect opportunity to test my products. The initial response was positive, and I knew I was onto something. When consumer interest in overall health began to skyrocket, it was an easy decision to make my move from the fashion world to the nutrition industry. I took a leap of faith and dove in, beginning with the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL where I enrolled in a professional Health Educator program.

Today Rawmantic Chocolate has its very own flagship store in the heart of Manhattan and is available nationwide via Amazon and our website

What makes Rawmantic different?
Our energy snack bars are 100% plant-based, made with a variety of organic raw vegan chocolates, and fortified with plant-based protein. With a low glycaemic index, they won’t cause a blood sugar spike. Also made with food sensitivities in mind, our bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan and free of additives. -Our bars are UNPROCESSED. -They’re handcrafted from the purest premium organic ingredients outsourced from all over the world. -We use soluble tapioca fibre and prebiotics which have a very low glycaemic index and are very easy to digest. - Our chocolates are Faire Trade, Non-GMO, and soy-free. We do not use any emulsifiers, palm oils, preservatives or artificial colouring. - The shelf life is 1 year. - They’re made to provide a good energy boost. I’m proud to say Rawmantic Chocolate has received enormous support from influencers, Hollywood celebrities, Royal Family members, professional athletes, musicians, and celebrity chefs. And yet, it feels like we still have room for growth left.

As a brand, we’re always evolving and thinking of new ways to serve and connect with our customers. For instance, this coming year, in the honour of my mom, we’re launching a brand-new snack bar called Truffle. I can’t wait! That little girl in my mother’s kitchen, so interested in fashion, would never have guessed she would arrive where I am today. Sometimes fate leads you down surprising, unknown paths, and it can take time to find your purpose. It’s okay to test the waters at first, but at a certain point, you just have to dive right in.

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