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The spirit of royalty lives on

Published: Nov 13, 2018 05:19:03 AM IST
Updated: Nov 13, 2018 05:05:07 PM IST

The spirit of royalty lives on
Royal Salute was originally created as a gift for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and gifting has since remained at the heart of the brand. The Royal Masquerade Ball edition, which is the third in the brand’s annual ‘Royal celebrations at the Palace’ series, pays tributes to the sophisticated and spectacular events of a bygone era.

Built by the Earl of Ranelagh, ‘The Ranelagh Gardens’ were ensconced on the premises of his home -Ranelagh House. In the mid-18th century, the Gardens opened to the public, following the purchase of both the home and the adjoining grounds by a syndicate, led by the proprietor of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. It became a venue for musical and artistic performances. Within these gardens, a Chinese pavilion was crafted in 1750, with an ornamental lake and several scenic walk-ways.

The Ranelagh gardens became a popular venue for romantic assignations and a setting for courtships and sojourns with its long sweeping avenues, down which aristocrats and wealthy tradesmen strolled with their belles on balmy summer evenings. Being a majestic statement of opulence, draped in elegance, these gardens soon surpassed all others in its league, in terms of their reputation, amongst the royals of Britain.

With this supreme level of patronage, the epic Masquerade Ball, which was formerly an aristocratic ‘closed club’ entertainment, was introduced on these very grounds. Under the guise of anonymity, princes, dukes and wealthy merchants wore rich costumes and beautiful masks as they danced through the Chinese pavilions and banqueting halls.

Celebrating this lavish and magnificent tradition, Royal Salute launched its limited-edition gift pack, which is inspired by the Royal Masquerade Ball held at the prestigious Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens in London in the 18th century. Just like the festivities, which were extravagant, splendid events, imbued with a sense of mystery, the pack is impressively extravagant and the reputed contents are cherished by connoisseurs.

While the old pleasure gardens are gone, their spirit still lives on. It is celebrated in the specially commissioned artwork of the Royal Salute Masquerade Pack’s elegant design, brought to life by British illustrator Phil Wheeler, who is renowned for his creation of colourful and exuberant designs.

The ultimate collector’s item, the Royal Masquerade Ball Festive Gift Pack continues Royal Salute’s gifting tradition with exceptional style, stunning design and unparalleled gifting elegance. A veritable tribute to the recipient of the gift, the ‘King of Gifts’, embodies Royal Salute’s larger than life, majestic approach to gifting.

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