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Zee Learn Gets Awarded as India's Most Admirable Education Brand

Zee Learn, India's leading diversified Education Company gets awarded as India' Most Admirable Education Brand for an unparalleled contribution in the field of education

Published: Dec 16, 2020 03:48:57 PM IST

Zee Learn Gets Awarded as India's Most Admirable Education Brand
Zee Learn is India’s leading diversified Education Company which provides multiple offerings from Pre K, K12, Higher Education, Test Prep, Tutorials, Vocational, Skilling, Manpower & Training, and Digital Education through its wide network spanning to 750+ locations across the country.

Through its Blended Learning and Phygital approach Zee Learn has created a sustainable learning atmosphere which provides a unique interactive experience for its 21st century learners.

In the year 2020 when the world faced a serious unprecedented challenge in the form of COVID-19, Zee Learn continued its efforts to engage with its stakeholders and students through a series of digital tools and virtual engagement initiatives. These efforts were designed to ensure holistic development of the children and included a bouquet of curricular and co-curricular arrangement through multiple level engagement of parent & Child.   

Zee Learn with its farsighted approach has conceptualised and created viable digital education environments to improve the outcomes with a granular approach using a pedagogically robust engine. Zee Learn has also introduced various initiatives like innovative theme-based products for enhanced learning with age-appropriate learning app, learning management systems, and magazines for interaction with parents. These initiatives enable each child to realize their unique learning style, while the research based methodology helps in discovering creative and aesthetic potential.

To serve the Asia’s largest chain of preschool network – Kidzee which has more than 2000 centers, the team of Zee Learn also engaged experienced Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCEd) academic professionals, trained teachers, and counsellors for staying in constant touch with parents and partners. Kidzee reached out to parents through its “Kidzee App” while providing an immersive and engaging digital platform to children.

Apart from the above, various national and region-specific webinars are conducted regularly on the importance of early child care and education to create awareness of age-appropriate child development and the role of parents in child development which are attended by parents from across the nation. 

For the network of Mount Litera Zee Schools, Zee Learn introduced a browser based e-learning platform - ePlus that creates virtual learning environment that can be accessed from any device and is simple and effective tool to use. Apart from ePlus, the school has an independently developed learning management system – Luminosity already activated that has a mix of 2D and 3D content to make learning engaging and effective.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) has also started delivering online lectures through E- studio web application and ZICA mobile app and has introduced a chatbox feature within its application for students to chat with the faculty members in case of any questions. In order to maintain the engagement with the students during this lockdown period, both ZICA and Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA) have announced short film competition under 2D, 3D, and live action categories for its students.

MT Educare, one of Zee Learn’s subsidiary has utilised their new age educational tools like Robomate and R+ notebook to meet the learning needs of its students during the pandemic.

Mr. Vikash Kumar Kar, Executive Director and CEO of Zee Learn, strongly believes in the company’s philosophy of “What is right for the child” and has constantly encouraged his team to dedicate their efforts towards ensuring holistic development of the children. Mr. Kar is committed towards meeting the learning needs of the students and create a sustainable institutional ecosystem that emerges even stronger post the ongoing phase. During the pandemic Zee Learn leveraged its strong network capability to be more agile and cater to the constantly evolving learning needs.

The Brand Story acknowledges the unparalleled contribution made by Zee Learn in redefining high-quality education delivery by introducing progressive and comfortable ways. Mr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, The Brand Story said, “A leading diversified education company with its network of multiple offerings from Pre K, K12, Higher Education, Test Prep, Tutorials, Vocational, Skilling, Manpower & Training, and Digital Education, Zee Learn is setting high-quality education standards in the country. The contribution of Zee Learn in making sure that learning never stops sets a benchmark for academic training and The Brand Story is honoured to recognize Zee Learn as India’s Most Admirable Education Brand 2020.”

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