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Too few college classes for Billionaires

Someone has to take a stand: The 0.00001 percent deserve higher education tailored to their interests, too

Published: Mar 26, 2016 06:51:05 AM IST
Updated: Mar 25, 2016 09:55:18 AM IST

Too few college classes for Billionaires

In July 2014, legendary investor Tim Draper and a friend started ‘VCx’ at ‘Draper University’—a $18,000 invitation-only mini course that teaches the fabulously rich the rudiments of deal flow. It’s “an opportunity for billionaires who want to get into venture capital to learn from some of the best,” Draper says. What about the other great courses for ten-figure teachers’ pets? We’ve got their semester covered.

Too few college classes for Billionaires

Professor George Soros
Nearly 25 years later, Prof Soros is still dining out (literally) on the £1 billion he made in a month after shorting the pound sterling. Annoyed with some dimwitted central bank? Learn how to show Poindexter and friends who’s really boss.

Too few college classes for Billionaires

Professor Michael Bloomberg

Think you’d make a great Oval Office denizen, even if the benighted huddled masses have no idea how lucky they’d be to have you? Prof Bloomberg will outline proven strategies for showing just enough ankle to keep the rubes tantalised. (No fatties or gun nuts, please.)

Too few college classes for Billionaires

Professor Mikhail Prokhorov

Buy side? Sell side? How about losing side! Do-gooders who love helping others will thrill to Prof Prokhorov’s tales of turning the Brooklyn Nets into an NBA laughing stock through confounding player swaps and draftpick duncery. Nothing engenders a warm glow, after all, like others taking constant advantage of you.

Too few college classes for Billionaires

Professor Steve Ballmer

Who among us hasn’t been inspired by the sight of Prof Ballmer onstage at a Microsoft event, carrying on like the late Sam Kinison? He’ll share all his top fitness moves, including the Pit-Sweat Shimmy and the incipient Aneurysm. Bring Handi Wipes.

Images: Getty Images; Illustrations by John Ueland

(This story appears in the 01 April, 2016 issue of Forbes India. To visit our Archives, click here.)

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