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59% of crypto users interested in AI integration in blockchain and trading: Survey

The study highlights generational trends and shows how the youth looks forward to the various use cases of AI in the coming years

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: May 26, 2023 05:15:23 PM IST

59% of crypto users interested in AI integration in blockchain and trading: SurveyImage: Shutterstock

Crypto exchange KuCoin released a study on Thursday explaining the perspectives and aspirations of crypto users, spanning across Gen Z, Gen Y, and Gen X, on integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the efficiency of blockchain.

Some key generational trends highlighted in the study include the crypto users’ growing acceptance and interest in AI. Over 90 percent of the respondents have shown interest towards or even used AI for increasing efficiency in their day to day lives. Gen Z and Gen Y respondents show a greater willingness to adopt AI compared to Gen X, showing the shift across generations in the reception towards AI technologies.

51 percent of the respondents were seen preferring ChatGPT, the popular generative AI for text generation. Gen Z and Gen Y find navigation apps and voice AI assistants to be highly practical and convenient. Gen Y users in particular have started developing a liking for AI-generated creative content and AI-powered trading tools.

Adding to the AI hype, about 59 percent of the respondents are in favour of AI advancements in blockchain/crypto trading. Gen Z and Gen Y in particular show a higher level of enthusiasm. Given the huge demand for streamlined processes and personalised experiences, all three generations are interested in using AI apps for education and work purposes.

At the moment, about 64 percent of crypto users are at least somewhat familiar with the use of AI applications in crypto, with Gen Z and Gen Y showing a higher level of familiarity compared to Gen X.

These generational trends show how users are becoming more receptive to AI technologies being used in the crypto space, especially the younger generations.

"The enthusiastic response from our users about AI integration and blockchain efficiency is incredibly motivating. The invaluable insights gained from this survey will act as a roadmap for our future endeavours", said Johnny Lyu, the CEO at KuCoin.

The writer is the founder at yMedia. He ventured into crypto in 2013 and is an ETH maximalist. Twitter: @bhardwajshash