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Thoughtworks buys digital land on's metaverse platform

Thoughtworks is exploring metaverse-led advertising platforms by purchasing digital land in Asia's biggest NFT marketplace,

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: Apr 19, 2023 05:49:13 PM IST
Updated: Apr 19, 2023 08:39:10 PM IST

Thoughtworks buys digital land on's metaverse platform

Global technology firm Thoughtworks and NFT marketplace have announced a partnership which may be indicative of a new direction the world of advertising and marketing.  

As an initial step, Thoughtworks has bought digital land in's metaverse platform, RADDX Racing Metaverse. Billed as the biggest NFT marketplace in Asia and built on the Polygon blockchain,'s collaboration with Thoughtworks could ignite a new phase of advertising through metaverse platforms.

An NFT car racing game, the metaverse platform RADDX Racing Metaverse offers multiple opportunities for their players to win rewards through their multiple tournaments. The game's popularity seeks to ensure that global brands can use the digital lands as an advertisement opportunity. 

Being a technology consulting firm with a reputed track record, Thoughtworks has been exploring upcoming technologies like metaverses to connect with the young talent force of India. The latest development is thus a step in the same direction.

“As we stand at the threshold of bringing the RADDX Racing Metaverse to fruition, we welcome Thoughtworks' venture into the virtual world,” said the Co-Founder and CEO of, Ramkumar Subramaniam. “Being an organization known for its emphasis on not just keeping up with trends but being the trendsetter in the tech world, Thoughtworks' recognition of the metaverse as an avenue for branding speaks volumes about its potential. We fully believe that the partnership between and Thoughtworks could herald the mainstream adoption of utility-driven NFTs, especially with regard to advertising,"  

The marketing head of Thoughtworks, Jaggi AL stated the marketing strategy of Thoughtworks was to leverage innovative ways and platforms to broadcast their brand and message to both customers and employees. 

According to Jaggi AL, their target audience through the partnership with and RADDX racing Metaverse was the GenZ, who occupied their core talent audience. He said the partnership was a step toward adopting the latest technologies for advertising and marketing.

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