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Good health brings in good quality of Life

Dr Rajendra discusses the importance of good muscular-skeletal health in the nutshell

Published: Mar 9, 2022 01:36:13 PM IST

Good health brings in good quality of LifeMovement is vital for life. Our bodies are designed to move in all different directions right from childhood. Life becomes lifeless without movement as it is required in all aspects of daily activities. Hence maintaining good muscular-skeletal health becomes of utmost importance.

Modern lifestyle has increased sedentary time in every person’s life. People spend long hours working and sitting in front of screens, eating whatever junk is available within reach. Even the kids spend more time indoors. These behaviours have enhanced the risk of increasing many non-communicable diseases like obesity in both adults and kids, hypertension, heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, depression, anxiety etc. The best way to reduce the risk of developing these lifestyle diseases is regular physical activity and eating a healthy diet.

Physical fitness reduces stress, tension and makes you feel better. Hence, squeeze out some time for yourself from the tight schedule and move into nature. This video presents the importance of maintaining healthy muscular-skeletal health and staying fit.

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