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Good health leads to good performance

Dr V A Senthil Kumar talks about Rheumatoid Arthritis and the importance & benefits of its treatment

Published: Mar 22, 2022 02:50:31 PM IST
Updated: Mar 22, 2022 04:12:48 PM IST

Good health leads to good performanceRheumatoid arthritis is one of the depleting diseases as it affects the joints of the entire body.  Early intervention in terms of diagnosis & treatment reduces the risk of RA. Autoimmunity is one of the major cause of RA to occur due to which there is pain, inflammation, swelling & damage to cartilages. RA is genetic, father or mother are suffering from RA there are high chances of other persons in the family to get affected from RA.  

Symptoms of RA, stiffness in the joints which can be observed in younger age also when RA occurs patient complains of morning stiffness, especially stiffness in joint pain, swelling in small joints of hands & feet’s. When there is RA for more than 6 weeks than Dr’s goes for proper diagnosis. RA not only affects small joints of hands & feet’s but also affects other joints. RA can be effectively controlled by proper medications, Diagnosis (CBC, ESR, CRP & other test), NSAIDs & Steroids can also be part of medication therapy, Regular exercises & protecting from cold & humidity by wearing socks & gloves is also important as it causes exacerbation of RA symptoms. Lack of proper diagnosis & treatment in case of RA can affect other joints & cartilages leading to other muscle deformities affecting ability to do his daily activities.          

STAY FIT to STAY HAPPY. The video is an overall package which will ensure that through proper management RA can be controlled .

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