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Data The New Innovation Capsule For The Cloud Era

Published: Oct 17, 2017 02:37:53 AM IST
Updated: Oct 17, 2017 11:26:47 AM IST

Data The New Innovation Capsule For The Cloud Era

Data is a by-product as well as feeding stock in digitally driven businesses. The real power of a business lies in having access to all its data from anywhere and making it actionable in real-time. For that to happen, the data should be safely and economically stored, integrated and processed at lightning speed. Modern integrated cloud computing solutions are truly redefining the way enterprises use technology to run their business.

Businesses today generate petabytes of data which is collected from disparate sources and dumped in massive data warehouses for collation and transformation. Business leaders use this transformed data for making customer-centric decisions to drive the corporate juggernaut forward.
The companies have been ramping up their capabilities for the next wave of growth. And taking real-time better decisions is the most crucial bit. To aid these decisions, systems capable of integrating and processing all the data points to share actionable insights become all the more critical for business success.

Organisations need cloud-based systems available all the time and accessible from anywhere to work in this environment. Such systems should be set up in a way to aid business leaders to get a sense of all the happenings across the ecosystem and to understand their company-specific data to take deliberate decisions.

A cloud-based setup holds a lot of advantages for organisations of all shapes and sizes other than scale and access. It allows organisations to build redundancy into their process and helps in business continuity planning. Also, the ease of administering allows tech teams to be agile and nimble and get started with developing their applications rapidly.

Along with helping the organisations, the cloud brings along immense benefits for the end customers too. The modern day consumers expect things to be available all the time at their fingertips. They have little patience for products, services and businesses that fail to meet expectations. Cloud-based systems with their various integrations help in rapid prototyping and deployment of mobile apps and web solutions to service the customer. The advent of AI, machine learning and the cognitive revolution has allowed companies to build cloud-based chat-bots providing personalised service to end consumers.

IoT combined with the cloud has ushered in the post-modern digital era in digital interactions. Take Acculi Labs for example. They have built a smart healthcare solution called Lyfas which helps in early detection of diseases, efficient transport to the hospital and continuous monitoring. They are leveraging IBM’s Watson IoT and IBM cloud to scale and deliver real-time services. Their device allows bio-signal processing, cloud-based analysis and live streaming of investigation.
Cloud gives a special fillip to even the smallest of digital solutions. It makes them easily accessible and allows them to leverage the humongous processing power.  Data helps you take better decisions and cloud helps you to manage all the available data better.
A lot of mission-critical information is usually stored at the premises of companies and is not available in tandem with the market data. To make smart decisions businesses need an integrated view of all the data, be it internal or external. For such reasons hybrid cloud and cloud integration of on premises and off premises systems becomes necessary. These systems allow you to securely retrieve data from your on-premises systems and integrate it with cloud data to deliver a rich user experience.
Data The New Innovation Capsule For The Cloud Era

Along with imparting agility by quickly processing data, cognitive technologies add an extra layer of security on top of the regular cloud and make it all the more robust. With increasingly sensitive data being stored and retrieved from the cloud, this functions as a much-needed layer of security.

IBM is a leading player in the cloud space buoyed by its cognitive abilities and its profound industrial expertise across domains. It has built cloud solutions and integrations which help any organisation to ramp up its suite of cloud-based services in a secure environment. It has emerged as a cloud-cognitive innovator with a focus on data analytics.

Technical breakthroughs are rarely achieved in isolation and require collaborations among multiple participants. To boost a better development ecosystem and drive its agenda for collaboration, IBM has a founding position in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Tomorrow belongs to innovators and the technology adopters. Business leaders should look at cloud computing as the new pillar for growth and innovation. It helps you harness data and saves you from potential risks associated with the trial-and-error procedures. Before you launch a new product or a service and test the market response, make sure your decisions are backed by the data. This may help you deliver a unique customer experience and would substantially reduce the chances of failure. An integrated approach to cloud technologies is a way forward. It offers distinct advantages such as speed in decision-making, efficiency in business operations and the customer centricity among others.

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