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Gourmet Extravaganza: Top 5 immersive dining destinations with a hefty price tag

From surreal experiences at Sublimotion in Ibiza to an interactive culinary adventure at Ultraviolet in Shanghai, here are some of the world's most expensive restaurants by GO Banking Rates

Published: Jun 16, 2023 04:30:37 PM IST
Updated: Jun 16, 2023 05:16:50 PM IST

Gourmet Extravaganza: Top 5 immersive dining destinations with a hefty price tagUltraviolet in Shanghai, China. Image Credit: Getty Images

Some of the world's top restaurants offer a dining experience that goes beyond surprising your taste buds. They offer guests a chance to step into an immersive experience that elicits excitement from all the senses. The finest ingredients, an aesthetically pleasing environment, and sounds and scents merge to create a memorable event. Here are some of the most expensive restaurants in the world that offer guests a unique approach to dining out.

1. Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain

Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain, offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience for around $2,000 (Rs1,63,826) per person. A team of 10 Michelin-star chefs prepare an avant-garde menu for only 12 diners at a time. The idea is to provide guests with a surreal and thought-provoking experience. The table becomes a stage that combines food, art, and illusionism. This three-hour feast takes diners on a journey through different times and places, as well as stages of emotion.

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2. Ultraviolet in Shanghai, China

Ultraviolet in Shanghai, China, created by Chef Paul Pairet, is designed to take diners on an interactive culinary adventure. The cost starts at $1,422 (Rs1,16,430). A 20-course meal is prepared that features unique sounds, scents, and lights. Textures and smells are played with to trick the eye and challenge pre-conceived ideas to provide a multi-sensory experience.

3. Masa in New York, United States

Masa was opened by Chef Masayoshi Takayama, who has adopted an Omakase approach where diners put their trust in the chefs' hands to prepare a surprise meal using the best sushi. The cost starts at $750 (Rs61,408). There are also etiquette rules that guests must follow while dining at Masa. Photography is prohibited, and phones have to be on silent.

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4. Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark

A dining experience at the Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark, starts at $722 (Rs59,121). Alchemist redefines the dining experience and makes it a theatrical affair. Chef Rasmus Munk, the owner of the restaurant, believes in using food as a communication tool to make statements and share ideas about the world. The dishes prepared are creative and technically complex. Guests have to sign up for a waitlist to buy tickets to get a chance to participate in the experience, which can last between four to six hours. The restaurant only accepts parties of two, four and six people.

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5. Guy Savoy in Paris, France

A set menu at Guy Savoy starts at $696 (Rs56,992). The Belles Bacchantes and Bouquinistes are among the restaurant's six dining rooms, which can be privatised upon request. The unique colours, textures and flavours of the set menu honour French cuisine. There is also a lunch menu of eight courses on offer, which costs around $285. Men dining at the restaurant are required to wear a dinner jacket to ensure harmony with the atmosphere created.