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Published: Nov 24, 2021 10:46:02 AM IST
Updated: Nov 24, 2021 10:52:06 AM IST

Elon Musk
Image: Britta Pedersen / POOL / AFP

Every mode of transport that we use—whether it’s planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, horses—is reusable, but not rockets. So we must solve this problem in order to become a space-faring civilisation.
—Elon Musk
American entrepreneur

The reality about transportation is that it’s future-oriented. If we’re planning for what
we have, we’re behind the curve.
—Anthony Foxx
American lawyer

Public transportation is like a magnifying glass that shows you civilisation up close.
—Chris Gethard
American actor

Our goal was to completely change transportation. Change traffic. And make it possible to get anywhere you want to go without owning a car.
—Logan Green
American entrepreneur

Uber is a company that is redefining the transportation industry on a global basis; to be part of that story is something that is interesting and would be a real privilege.
—Dara Khosrowshahi
Iranian-American businessman

Bike is the most democratic transport vehicle. Bike is the most daring, challenging as it gives its owner the tempting feeling of freedom, that is why one can say without any exaggeration, bike is a symbol of freedom.
—Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

With Hyperloop One, we are on the brink of the first great breakthrough in transportation technology of the 21st century, eliminating the barriers of time and distance and unlocking vast economic opportunities.
—Shervin Pishevar
American entrepreneur

An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport.
—Enrique Penalosa
Colombian politician

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