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Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024

The study conducted by Resonance Consultancy assessed the liveability, desirability, and economic well-being of each location

Published: Oct 18, 2023 03:44:09 PM IST
Updated: Oct 18, 2023 03:45:03 PM IST

Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024London, UK. Image credit: Shutterstock

Resonance Consultancy, a leading tourism, real estate and economic development advisor, recently released its annual ranking for the world's best cities.

To determine the top 100, the company analysed more than 270 cities—with a minimum of one million population. They combined data and qualitative evaluations with recommendations on platforms like TripAdvisor and Facebook—by locals and visitors—to evaluate critical factors that include liveability, lovability and prosperity.

Based on the study, here are the top five Best cities in the world for 2024.

1. London, UK

London maintains its dominant status among global cities, standing as a top destination for international travellers. As the culinary scene reawakens and iconic restaurants reopen, London is set to welcome the world once again to its vibrant and diverse culture and cuisine. The city's unwavering economic resilience is exemplified by its prowess in attracting global talent and investments, notably evident through the surge in luxury property sales in 2022.

Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024Paris, France. Image credit: Shutterstock

2. Paris, France

Paris remains a top tourist destination, with a thriving tourism industry projected to grow to $49 billion by 2032. The city is also investing in upgrading its infrastructure, including Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. It plans for a new high-speed rail connection to make it easier for visitors to explore the city. Paris' focus on sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity is shaping the city into a greener, more vibrant, and accessible urban landscape.

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Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024New York City, US. Image credit: Shutterstock

3. New York City, US

New York City is focusing on boosting tourism, aiming to welcome millions of international visitors who once flocked to the city. Travel suspension during the pandemic expedited the transformation of New York's international gateways, including new terminals at LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, and JFK airports. The city's cultural scene is also thriving, with museums expanding and new ones opening, including the Louis Armstrong House Museum and the Museum of Broadway in Times Square. With iconic outdoor spaces like the High Line and Central Park and the new addition of Little Island on the Hudson, the city offers diverse experiences for those eager to rediscover its vibrant culture and attractions.

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Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: Shutterstock

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo continues to rank among the most liveable cities globally. It also retains its top position for shopping, with iconic retail destinations like Ginza's luxury department stores and the newly enhanced Ginza Six shopping centre. The city's renovated Miyashita Park offers a wealth of boutique shops, restaurants, and even a hotel with views of Shibuya, accompanied by recreational facilities such as volleyball courts and a skatepark.

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Top 5 of the world's best cities for 2024Singapore. Image credit: Shutterstock

5. Singapore

Singapore's future focuses on boosting prosperity, creating green spaces, and developing vibrant areas for work, education, and leisure. The forthcoming NS Square in Marina Bay will provide an outdoor multipurpose venue for locals and visitors to enjoy in the heart of the city. Tourists in Singapore can indulge in shopping and savouring an array of culinary delights.