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Financial services and technology among the top industries hiring in India now: LinkedIn

Data unveiled by the professional networking platform on Wednesday sheds light on the recruitment scenario in the country and finds that the hiring situation has returned to pre-pandemic levels

Samidha Jain
Published: Jul 5, 2023 02:29:13 PM IST
Updated: Jul 5, 2023 02:56:00 PM IST

Financial services and technology among the top industries hiring in India now: LinkedInIn 2023, Indian companies are placing a greater emphasis on flexibility. Image: Shutterstock

Design, analytics and Java Script are the top skills required for entry-level roles today, reveals a report released by LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networking platforms. The India-centric data in the report highlights the fastest-growing roles, industries, functions and skills in the country.

According to the data, the hiring situation in India has returned to pre-pandemic levels following a significant increase in hiring during the pandemic. In 2023, Indian companies are placing a greater emphasis on flexibility, as there has been a 10 percent decrease in exclusively on-site roles and a remarkable 60 percent surge in hybrid positions for entry-level positions compared to 2022. This shift is beneficial for new graduates as it offers them a broader selection of work arrangements to consider and pursue.

For bachelor’s degree holders, roles like risk consultant, investment manager, and finance administrator are experiencing significant growth, while for MBA graduates, positions such as technology associate, catalogue specialist, and business integration analyst are open for consideration. The data also mentions options for those without a degree for roles like placement coordinator, user interface designer, and application engineer.

“It’s encouraging to see that despite the economic challenges, there are bright spots in today's job market for professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. For those beginning their careers, connecting with the right people, seeking guidance from industry experts, and following company pages can play a significant role in finding your way,” says Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn career expert & India senior managing editor in the report.

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For all those individuals who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, the data talks about the existence of job opportunities across various functions, including human resources, where they can take up roles such as placement coordinator and technical recruiter. Finance also offers positions such as treasurer and finance manager, and the field of consulting presents opportunities such as an industry specialist or life coach.

Top Industries hiring in India

  • Financial services
  • Administrative and support services
  • Technology
  • Information and media
  • Accommodation