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India's Health & Infra Gets Thumbs-Up, Many Feel Padma Awards More Democratised: News18 Survey

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Published: Apr 28, 2023 10:12:26 AM IST
Updated: Apr 28, 2023 11:32:50 AM IST

India's Health & Infra Gets Thumbs-Up, Many Feel Padma Awards More Democratised: News18 Survey

India has seen significant improvement in health and infra in the past decade, followed by education and jobs, feel respondents to an online survey conducted by News18 in the run-up to the Rising India Summit.

The results of the poll also revealed that most of the respondents feel State honours like the Padma Awards have become more democratised in the past decade, with a greater number of ordinary Indians finding recognition for exemplary work.

When it comes to figures, on Instagram, 30 per cent respondents said India had seen significant improvement in governance in Infra & Health, while 24 per cent voted in favour of Education & Jobs. Women’s welfare got 16 per cent votes while the remaining 30 per cent voted for all of the above.

On Twitter, 44.10 per cent respondents voted for Infra & Health, 8.60 per cent for Education & Jobs, 4.30 per cent for Women’s Welfare and 43 per cent for all of the above.

Asked about the Padma Awards and recognition to ordinary Indians, 50 per cent on Instagram said the prestigious honour had definitely become more democratised; 19 per cent said ‘Somewhat’; 16 per cent chose ‘No’ and 15 per cent said ‘Can’t Say’. On Twitter, the figures were 83.10 per cent, 2.80 per cent, 9.90 per cent and 4.20 per cent respectively.

The last question, which was asked only on Twitter, was if government policies can make India a manufacturing superpower. A resounding 57.90 per cent said ‘Yes’, 10.50 per cent said ‘Maybe’ and 31.60 per cent said ‘Needs Improvement’.