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Leveraging behaviour analytics for creating a better gaming experience

Published: Aug 25, 2022 01:36:30 PM IST

Leveraging behaviour analytics for creating a better gaming experienceForbes India’s collaboration with AWS has brought to you the OP CTOs from the gaming sector to share their insights on innovative usage of behavior analytics to provide gamers with a 360-degree experience while engaging with malware-free and secured online gaming platforms.

In this staged battleground, the Mavericks who joined us in conversation were Rajat Bansal, CTO of Games 24x7, Guruprasad GV, Chief Architect of Moonfrog, Avneet Rana, Co-Founder & Director of Technology at Baazi Games, and Satinder Singh, Head - Solution Architects (India) DNB, (AWS). The conversation was moderated by Manu Balachandran, Assistant Editor, Forbes India.

Here’s how our Mavericks decoded the journey of the gaming sector in India so far, the existing trends and where India’s is heading in the sector.

Hyper Personalization is the Cheat Code
The amount of data that gaming companies are generating each day is immense. This gives companies the opportunity to analyze the uniqueness of each player and seamlessly provide content tailored to an individual.
“A key factor to catch up with trends is to come up with engaging content in a hyper-personalized way,” said Rajat Bansal, CTO of Games 24X7.

The general consensus was that now that consumers are spoiled by a variety of gaming portals, it is high time to take personalization into consideration and optimize the overall user experience

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
In the present day, companies are ardently working towards controlling the issue of gaming addiction.

The conversation struck an interesting note on how developers have crafted sophisticated algorithms that can determine when two people come to the same table to compete in real-time. The automated systems in place put up interventions in the middle of the game itself which helps users realize the unnoticed addiction.

“Baazi Games takes responsible gaming very seriously. Being proactive about analyzing the transactions users make, our system coordinates with users directly. If we detect some player is overindulging, we have a set of service portals where users can put a limit to themselves.” - Avneet Rana, Co-Founder & Director of Technology, Baazi Games.

The Battle Against Fraud & Malware Awareness

Fraud analysis is indeed a crucial aspect thus companies are paying adequate attention in order to maintain a safe playing environment and detect fraud analysis. With companies catering to many users, security becomes the company’s responsibility.

Apart from the basic guidelines and principles of safety, the Panelists shed light on keeping the user experience as a core value. To do so, companies are backing up the user data in their own backend systems and analyzing gameplay data behavior to make sure the genuineness of a session.   

How Big Data is Help Gaming Companies of India

Largely with the flow of data, Indian gaming companies benefit from real-time data by analyzing the user experience and leveraging it.

Avneet Rana, of Baazi Games, stated in an example that, if a user is at his early stage of gaming, leveraging big data helps to present the player his real-time statistics as well as the opponents with whom he's playing. If the user is seen to use a particular set of emoticons, data also helps a recommend to the player more such ways to engage with the game.

Commenting on the same Guruprasad GV of Moonfrog brought to light that with data management infrastructures like AWS & Redshift it has become more accessible for even small gaming companies to significantly leverage the user experience with help from big data.

Incoming Road Blocks of Gaming Industry & About Tackling Them,
With companies garnering data, streamlining everything has become easier. But the obstacle developers might face in future is augmenting the data to the capabilities of both human and company infrastructures. As technology constantly evolves, developers need to proactively come up with the appropriate tools to seek insights out of the vast amounts of data.

Satinder Singh, Head - Solution Architects (India) DNB, AWS elaborated that with technology growing more advanced, making precise insights out of the information requires a different set of technologies as the models are constantly changing. “That’s what we as developers are still struggling with.”

Mavericks concluded by stating DNBs shall consider more machine learning models to optimize how scaling can take place while maintaining the costs to be able to respond to the spike in real-time.

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