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Our top reads of the week

Published: Jan 1, 2022 09:02:11 AM IST
Updated: Jan 7, 2022 07:06:44 PM IST

Our top reads of the weekImage: Shutterstock

Every week, catch up on the best long form stories from Forbes India. Often peppered with our binge-worthy podcasts, videos or infographics too.

Our top reads of the weekRewind 2021 – Best Covers
On the first day of the brand new year, we take a look back to bring you our best covers, stories, podcasts, and more. The Forbes India team has also put together the music, podcasts, and more, they enjoyed the most. The music and pods aren’t necessarily released or produced in 2021, but it’s what kept us entertained and engaged in another work from home year. We wish you a very happy new year, dear readers. Enjoy reading, listening, and watching our favourites. Starting with the covers, here’s a look at our best covers, put together by the design head Kapil Kashyap and head of desk Kunal Purandare.

Our top reads of the week
Our 10 most loved stories
This is the set of stories that got the most love this year. And it has some gems—including a feature on postal workers and delivery professionals who made sure we got our parcels and food and other items ordered online during a tough year. It was part of our special issue in January 2021, which recognised the unsung heroes of Covid-19, including women self-help groups, municipal workers, doctors, teachers, and more.

Our top reads of the weekOur most loved podcasts
2021 was a big year for podcasts for Forbes India. We extended our audio play to include three new podcasts, one weekly (Startup Fridays) and two daily (Daily Tech Conversation and Tech Briefing). These are some of the most heard pods, with a brief explanation of what you can expect from the podcasters. Going ahead, expect to see a lot more action in podcasts from Forbes India.



Our top reads of the week
Best books we read
Journalists are bookworms, of course. Alongside everything else that keeps us busy, you’ll also find most of the Forbes India team buried in a book or two at any time of the year. Here’s a comprehensive list of the books we loved the most this year. Add to your new year reading list, and if you’ve already read them, tell us your opinion on Forbes India social media (@forbesindia for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Telegram). You’ll find books on business, sci-fi, a lockdown love story, a refugee’s journey, and a lot more.

Our top reads of the week

Best web series we watched

To be honest, we probably binge-watched more than we read this year (guilty!), but then so did you. Here are some shows that we loved the most. Yep, it has the predictable hits of the year—Money Heist, Squid Game—but also some unlikely ones.

 Our top reads of the week
Best music we heard
Here’s the music we crooned, wrote and worked to, and danced to. From When Chai Met Toast to Montero by Lill Nas X, and even rediscovering the greatest legends of yesteryear, we did it all in 2021. And we got a lot of work done too, can you believe it!

 Our top reads of the week
Year of the Unicorns
If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re interested in business and startups. And can we end the Rewind 2021 series without acknowledging the 42 unicorns that were born this year? We couldn’t. So here are ALL the unicorns that were born this year, including the funding round (and investors) that turned them into unicorns. What’s 2022 going to bring for the startup ecosystem? Let’s wait and watch. Happy New Year, Forbes India readers!

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