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Approach your customers through lead generation with Josh Pocock and Executive Stride

Executive Stride - Generating Business Leads and Developing New Online Programs

Published: Jan 7, 2021 02:48:35 PM IST
Updated: Jan 8, 2021 06:35:14 PM IST

Approach your customers through lead generation with Josh Pocock and Executive Stride
Businesses today are heavily reliant on lead generation to scale and maximize their company’s growth; to generate a steady stream of leads, companies implement a variety of marketing strategies to attract qualified prospects, with varying degrees of success.  The very best lead generation system is an automated machine that keeps sales pipelines full of prospects so businesses can focus efforts on converting all opportunities into loyal customers. Executive Stride, with its automated guaranteed Lead Generation service, is a cutting-edge provider, rapidly changing the landscape of what’s possible in the realm of online lead generation.

Lead acquisition is a major part of any sales organization; it refers to developing the interest of a consumer by providing them with information about your products or services.  A lead is any person or business that is interested in what you’re selling - so much so that they contact you for more information and may end up buying your product. But, generating a steady stream of online leads on your own is a difficult and time-consuming task. Companies need experts to generate leads consistently and reliably. And this is where Josh Pocock and his team at  Executive Stride steps in, seamlessly working behind the scenes to keep your sales pipeline full, so your business can put its focus where it belongs - on Closing Deals.

Josh Pocock, Executive Stride Founder and CEO, is a 22-year-old entrepreneur in Toronto Canada. He grew up playing triple A hockey, because his single mom wanted to instill in him the desire to be the best, as well as the understanding that working hard could be the path to achieving that goal. One thing Josh always knew was that he would never work for anyone else. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014, as a door-to-door sales rep, and within a year he had built a large team of ace sales agents. The road wasn’t always easy, but Josh was known for his perseverance, and he worked diligently to overcome all challenges.

Like many contemporary entrepreneurs, Josh became immersed in the world of online marketing, devouring over 150 thousand dollars worth of online courses and mentorship programs to learn everything possible about growing profitable online businesses.  When Josh opened his marketing agency a few years back, he was a full-service generalist, cold calling and emailing any niche, selling any service from Facebook ads to SEO and website design.  Josh recognized that he was juggling too many different clients in different industries and he had no proven system to convert clients on demand.  He tried hiring some lead generation agencies to help him get new clients, but the ROI was nonexistent.  Finally, he stumbled upon LinkedIn; he began studying every aspect of the program, and eventually developed an in-house, fully automated lead generation machine leveraging LinkedIn.  The system worked so well for Executive Stride that Josh started offering it to clients, and soon, the Lead Generation machine became the company’s primary offer.  Josh was able to scale his business fast and once he’d established a proven system for building profitable online businesses, Josh started helping other people level-up and escape the 9-5 rat-race, teaching them the magic of generating sustainable income from the comfort of a laptop.

After witnessing countless business successes and transformations, Josh and Executive Stride are now developing a series of online Stride Training programs - programs designed for entrepreneurs passionate about transforming their leadership and business acumen, dropping limiting mindsets, and exposing untapped avenues of growth opportunities.  The program includes step-by-step guidelines with everything you need to know about setting up a fully automated client lead generation system that works 24/7/365.

Once you join the Executive Stride family, you’re part of a winning community where you’ll experience both ruthless accountability and expert mentorship. The mission at Executive Stride is to help businesses and entrepreneurs accelerate their pace of growth via the automated Lead Generation machine and Stride Training.  And while growing a business is infinitely easier when the critical task of lead generation is both automated and reliable, Josh acknowledges that business success will always depend on more than just the ability to generate a steady flow of qualified leads; Executive Stride’s most successful clients are those who also work on developing a positive mindset and building the constructive daily habits needed to maintain top performance in a competitive marketplace.  Executive Stride provides clients with all the leads, tools and know-how to be successful, but success in business will always depend most on you.

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