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Cadbury Delivers Joy to Corporates this Diwali

Published: Sep 25, 2018 02:35:24 AM IST
Updated: Sep 25, 2018 02:37:31 PM IST

Cadbury Delivers Joy to Corporates this Diwali
The festival season is upon us again and organisations are caught up in the usual hustle and bustle around choosing the perfect gifts for their cherished clients and employees. Organisations usually have a long list of criteria that the gift and its vendor must fulfil. On one hand, the gifts must be personalised and bring delight to the recipients, letting them know how much they are valued by the company gifting them. At the same time, the gifts must subtly but strongly reinforce the organisation’s brand recall with its clients and key stakeholders. On a more practical level, the gifts must fit the budget and the entire gifting operation should be perfectly managed, with deliveries made on time and in a hassle-free manner. All this requires a gift vendor with an impeccable track-record in terms of the quality of its products as well as unquestionable prowess in distribution.

Chocolate Charms
Chocolates are a classic gift and one of the first things that come to mind, irrespective of the occasion. In fact, gifting chocolates for various occasions is a tradition that is centuries old. It is said that in ancient times, Aztecs offered cups of a chocolate drink to their royalty, warriors and explorers as they believed that cacao beans, the base ingredient of chocolate, was a gift from their gods.
Even today, chocolates have retained their universal charm. Their gift-appeal also comes from the fact that they have a relatively long shelf-life, can come in aesthetic packaging that could be personalised and could come in customized sizes to suit both practical and extravagant budgets and everything in between.

Cadbury Joy Deliveries
In the Indian chocolate universe, Cadbury is a much loved brand as is endorsed by the fact that it is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery business. Mondelez India, the maker of Cadbury Dairy Milk, is also known for its strong and well established distribution network in all urban areas, as well as Tier 1, 2 towns and its rural sales, which comprise nearly a fifth of its business in India.
Leveraging all these unique strengths and advantages, the company has devised a corporate gifting proposition: Cadbury Joy Deliveries, which recommends gifting personalised Cadbury chocolate hampers to employees, business partners, associates and clients. This proposition rides four distinct USPs offered to corporate gift-givers – personalise every gift, avail great discounts, multi-address hassle-free shipment and, of course, choose from an attractive range of goodies.

Sweeten this Diwali with Cadbury
Using its attractive range as the base of the proposition, it offers corporates the option to choose from an exquisitely designed assortment of Cadbury treats, including signature chocolate packs, special edition chocolate gift packs and chocolate bars, in addition to its regular, off-the-shelf products. Beyond giving them the flexibility to select the quantity per gift, it offers personalisation of gift boxes and customised assortments within each box or hamper. It also addresses the customisation and personalisation requirements of clients by enabling options like names on the gift boxes and/or sleeves alongside the corporate entity’s name and logo. Corporates could also include an image depicting an occasion, along with an associated message of choice.

Going a step further, attractive discounting and multiple-address hassle-free shipping are sweeteners that the confectionary company throws in, on the strength of its economies of scale and distribution network.

All of this and more can be unlocked at the click of a button on the Cadbury Joy Deliveries Website and orders placed online. The anywhere-anytime option to order online is crafted to appeal to busy executives and business people who can benefit from the time saved by not having to visit vendors, supermarkets, convenience stores and trade outlets to finalise their orders.
All in all, with its Joy Deliveries Corporate Gifting proposition, Cadbury has certainly sweetened this festive season for its corporate customers, clients and employees.

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