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India introduces first ever Epicurean bottled water

A novel premium bottled water brand named Estuary is all set to be launched and bring something new to this parched segment

Published: Oct 30, 2020 10:27:51 AM IST
Updated: Nov 2, 2020 06:25:58 PM IST

India introduces first ever Epicurean bottled water
Water constitutes about 90% of what a human being consumes, its importance thus is significant. In India, there is a need for water to not only be presented as that base liquid that quenches thirst and saves life, but as a pristine luxury product that enhances the quality of living. There is a dearth in the market for upscale luxury water.

Armed with these base ideologies, three enterprising entrepreneurs have launched a premium bottled water brand named “Estuary”. The humble drink of life is thus fast transforming into a premium product. With hydration and taste enhancement as their main objectives, this luxury bottled water aims to quench the thirst of premium water in the market. The founder, Mr. Devashish Kamdar has a collective experience of over 2 decades in the luxury segment and is very proud of this endeavor and is confident of its acceptability in the market. He truly has researched in depth about the nuances and varied properties of water and applied the same knowledge into the making of this brand of luxury water in the context of how it pairs with other foods and drinks. The other two co-founders namely Mr. Adheet Patel and Mr. Devansh Kamdar are well versed in the intricacies and functioning of the FMCG market which is an added asset to the brand and company as a whole.

The brand name Estuary which means the meeting of rivers is the brainchild of the founder Mr Devashish Kamdar. He believes Estuary exemplifies Je ne sais quoi, packaged in recyclable cosmetic glass with a specialized cap, the bottle itself exudes class and finesse. With its innate capability of enhancing taste, the founders aim to launch 7 variants of this mystical elixir in their first launch.

It is a product that aims to capture the best of taste, health, design and experience. Estuary aims at providing luxury in the most consumed product on earth. Its basic fundamental purpose is about purifying the GiV of God, by the GiV of God.

Every variant of water has its own special story and set of characteristics that make it so unique which is what Estuary is. So India, are you ready to take your first sip of luxury?


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