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Jeffrey Oboite discovers the missing link to financial freedom

Jeffrey Oboite went to a professional school and obtained a doctorate

Published: Aug 31, 2020 11:58:36 AM IST
Updated: Sep 1, 2020 11:46:22 AM IST

Jeffrey Oboite discovers the missing link to financial freedom
Everybody has heard about the formula that would lead one straight to success: study at good schools, earn a degree, and work hard. Jeffrey Oboite did just that, but the one thing that nobody told him was the importance of having good credit. Growing his funds from a reliable credit score was something that Jeffrey learned the hard way, but it was all worth it.

Jeffrey Oboite went to a professional school and obtained a doctorate. After working hard as a pharmacist and a cloud engineer, he was making a six-figure income. On top of that, Jeffrey managed several business ventures. Despite acquiring a place at a high-rise condo in downtown Baltimore and two luxury cars, he felt that there was still room to grow his finances. However, he still lacked the necessary capital to do so.

While he had a substantial income, Jeffrey Oboite had poor credit scores. He visited multiple credit repair companies to help him take out the unfavorable aspects of his credit score. However, months passed by, and Jeffrey still wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. When he felt that his situation wasn’t getting any better, Jeffrey decided to take the reins on his problems.

“I made the decision to educate myself and spent years learning about all the different aspects of both personal and business credit,” Jeffrey Oboite said. In his journey, he met a great mentor who owns several businesses that earn eight-figures in sales. “He taught me about the power of leveraging large amounts of funds with credit to position yourself for growth in your business,” Jeffrey added.

Jeffrey Oboite was amazed when his mentor told him that he could either give him the funds he needed or hand him the “keys to the kingdom.” The mentor was referring to trade secrets and knowledge that could empower Jeffrey and lead to life-changing decisions. Curious as he was, Jeffrey took the latter option, and it yielded him life-changing results. He was not only able to clean his credit but he also obtained $300,000 in funding within a year. “This access to capital helped me scale my business to gross about $1,000,000 in sales within a year,” Jeffrey said.

Today, inspired by his success in turning his life around with good credit, Jeffrey Oboite is dedicated to educating and transforming thousands of lives. Hence, Emerald Score was born. “There’s a significant deficit of financial literacy in the United States, and my goal is to reach those who have not been able to tap into the financial tools and resources available to help them use this knowledge to improve their lives,” said the credit expert.

Emerald Score creates straightforward results. Jeffrey Oboite does not concern his clients with unnecessary frills but delivers only what they deserve. The company utilizes modern methods and advanced technology. Their comprehensive software is used by only 3% of others in the industry, ensuring their clients a full money-back guarantee. As a client-centered company, Emerald Score focuses on building relationships with clients and leading to a financial legacy for themselves and their families.

Jeffrey Oboite and his team garner a 100% customer satisfaction rate. “Through our refined methods, we have been able to provide a turnaround time of 30 to 45 days, which is significantly less than most competitors who average a six to nine month turnaround period,” said Jeffrey. Indeed, Emerald Score is empowering thousands in the country. Jeffrey envisions expanding their reach to assist millions all across the globe in the next couple of years.

Boundaries once limited Jeffrey Oboite because he lacked the knowledge to further his financial growth. Today, he is changing the lives of individuals in the United States to achieve the same level of financial literacy and financial freedom he has reached.

Website: Consulting.EmeraldScore.com

Instagram: @jeffreyoboite

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