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Meet Sahib Singh Sadana, a passionate travel enthusiast who is inspiring millennials

Since starting this journey, Sadana has travelled to many Asian and European destinations around the world

Published: Apr 13, 2020 03:59:02 PM IST
Updated: Apr 13, 2020 05:16:38 PM IST

Meet Sahib Singh Sadana, a passionate travel enthusiast who is inspiring millennials

Who doesn’t love travelling? I believe we all do. However only a few of us dare to turn it into our source of income. Sahib Singh Sadana is one such entrepreneur and digital nomad who explores the world and share his travel journeys with the audience on his blog. Through his blog and brand collaborations, he aims to spread awareness regarding sustainable tourism.

So, what is the story of this travel blogger? Where did it all begin? Well, here’s the daily dose of inspiration for you.

Sahib Singh Sadana, also known by his Instagram handle @travellingindian, is a B.Com (Hons) graduate from Delhi University. He completed his graduation in the year 2016. He always knew that he was not meant for the corporate world. So, after working as a financial advisor for a few months, he decided to become a full-time travel photographer. This eventually led him to launch his blog

Sahib comes from a small town Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, India. However, since starting this journey, he has travelled to many Asian and European destinations around the world. These include Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. For him Egypt will always remain special and close to his heart.

He says, “Egypt has everything you can think of for a fantastic travel experience. It has a rich culture, big cities, friendly people, desert, beaches, oasis, and of course, the pyramids.” Egypt is where Sahib got his Advanced Scuba Diving license by PADI. Yes! he is a certified scuba diver as well.

Not only this, he is also a passionate sportsperson. This digital nomad is a former national badminton player. He has played and won several district and state-level championships. He says, “I have been sincere since the early days of my childhood. I used to wake up at around six in the morning and meditate to stay focused and active. And this sincerity has helped me immensely in travelling.”

The certified scuba diver and the former badminton player seem to be on the right path to achieve the success of a renowned travel blogger. On his Instagram profile, he has already gained close to 30K followers. It is due to the unique content that he shares with his followers; Sahib Singh Sadana has become one of the famous faces in the travel blogging industry.

He shares valuable information with the audience on both his blog as well as on Instagram. His followers wait for him to post amazing pictures and videos of all the exotic locations he travels to. All said and done being a travel blogger is not an easy task, there are many challenges

He is associated with it. Due to the increasing digital presence and competition, a lot of talented and skilled people are choosing to become a part-time travel blogger. And with this, it has become more crucial than ever to deliver the best-quality content to the readers and travel enthusiasts.

In one of his interviews, Sahib said, “A lot of people think that being a travel blogger is quite easy, but it’s the other way around. Not everyone knows the hard work and effort that goes into managing a travel blog. It’s like any other 9-5 job, and most of the times, it’s even more than that. The only difference is that you’re your own boss.”

Sahib Singh Sadana is a young, enthusiastic, and an ambitious travel blogger whose objective is to spread more knowledge about sustainable tourism. He aims to motivate and inspire people in becoming responsible travellers. Although this concept may not be commonly known to most people, especially in India; nevertheless he seems to be on the correct path to make people understand its importance through his blog and pictures.

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