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Meet Sujay Prakash, An entrepreneur who is going to make it large and is thoroughly Inspirational

Sujay is also at forefront of his personal research and innovation firm Known as Prescientech Innovators

Published: Oct 6, 2020 03:26:40 PM IST
Updated: Oct 6, 2020 05:44:57 PM IST

Meet Sujay Prakash, An entrepreneur who is going to make it large and is thoroughly Inspirational
“In an entrepreneurial journey, your valuation of company and initial external validation doesn’t matter as much as value creation and real problem-solving matters.” We first need to know which race we are into, because it’s certainly not the money battle- Sujay Prakash, Founder and  CEO, EconoteGroup

These are exactly the words of Sujay Prakash who is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, thinker and a management consultant based in Mumbai and is a firm believer in solving something which is close to not possible. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Econote Group, a global tech startup company based out of India and Singapore engaged in end-to-end research, design and development of a revolutionary electronic notebook for all your reading, writing and sketching needs.

Apart from this, Sujay is also at forefront of his personal research and innovation firm Known as Prescientech Innovators, where he leads the strategy and innovation initiatives. The firm works on developing the most unconventional sustainable solutions through self-researched and ideated theory of creating concepts, products, structures, and innovation strategies.

Sujay expressed his urge of getting creative satisfaction when he works on a complex business brief for a problem statement which is not only difficult to solve but also unconventional as per general industry practices, thus brings in his expertise and creative approach towards solving a business problem.


He is at the same time paradoxical about creating simpler output which are easy to adapt by larger market space. He says that “dealing with complexities is great, but your output should always remain simple and easily understandable by masses”.

Across the past few years of working, Sujay has worked on few really interesting and innovative projects and has finely adapted a foresight for assessing a potential opportunity which is not only inventive but also but has a larger global impact.

He has accrued few uniquely tied traits of spotting untapped market and business opportunities backed by deeper market research and study of time evolvement. He expressed that being in a space where you’re always evaluating an opportunity, the most important trait is to be a fine observer and attentive about minute details to build a perspective around it. He said, “the formation of original ideas can only happen from original insights and such insights are only gained through observations. Your surroundings can be your biggest learning ground, from looking at the jam-packed Highway from my office windowpane to observing waves at Nariman point, it all really matters in solving problems, it’s just that you should learn the art of weaving observations into a solution-driven insight. Further, your personal conviction also plays a very important role in defining your success story.”

He also mentioned that your mindset and intention to do something is your key player in an entrepreneurial journey, which is majorly gathered from your family and surroundings. He expressed to be very fortunate about his family background and his upbringing. He comes from an affluent family and major of his family members are into the professional or corporate world. His father is a well-known name in the investment banking world and runs a successful investment banking and consulting firm in Mumbai.

Talking about his prior work, he has been majorly involved in management consulting and business advisory for a few of the bespoke and fortune conglomerates of Asian and middle east zone, who have praised his acumen to be very unique and worthy learning. He has also been instrumental in working alongside India’s largest technology and heavy engineering giant on a very unique technology project. Sujay is also a holder of his different Intellectual property which he believes to be the strongest asset one can have if he is working in the field of research and innovation.

He also expressed that money has never been a passion behind any of his current and prior projects, “it is always the impact you create in an individual’s life to large scale organizations, that is the larger part of satisfaction which I get from doing what I do. My passion to invent and solve larger problems through different solutions is what keeps me going every day.”

Discussing his current work, Sujay shared that he is in the advanced stage of raising his next round of funds from global institutional investors for his startup eco note and shall share the good news of the product launch very soon. Well, we wish him all the luck for his venture.

Further, he also shared that he has few exciting innovations and research projects lined up at his innovation firm, details of which he shall be rolling out soon upon achieving a certain advancement in the projects, but he ensured that these projects would be certainly going to blow people’s mind.

As diversified Sujay is at approaching business and enterprise solutions there is a no-brainer that his personal choices and hobbies shall also be diverse and unique, he expressed his deep love for a variety of hobbies from being passionate about luxury and sports vehicles to film making. He is also passionate about learning flying and said he shall be surely pursuing it someday. Sujay is also a passionate writer and expressed that he is in process of developing something in non-fiction space which shall be soon available for public consumption and knowledge dissipation.

Talking about his outsized ambitions, dreams and recipe to success Sujay candidly said, “it’s very relative to someone’s personal bandwidth of satisfaction. We, humans, are constructed in a manner that we urge for more always, but few things which remain undisputed is your relentless passion to pursue your dreams and your constant conviction to reach your goals and not leaving this in between will make every story a successful and satisfying story.”

Well, we would only say that that hearing Sujay is really highly inspirational and full of energy and no short-term objectives and opportunities can waver him in achieving his outsized ambitions in life.
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