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Patiala based homoeopath holds key to successful treatment of wheat allergy

Wheat allergy is a reaction to foods containing wheat, even foods having traces of wheat

Published: Jun 8, 2020 02:48:25 PM IST
Updated: Jun 9, 2020 06:01:26 PM IST

Patiala based homoeopath holds key to successful treatment of wheat allergy
Patiala based homeopath, Dr. Amarinder Singh states that homeopathy is the ray of hope needed at this time when nearly 3 % of population is becoming allergic to our staple diet .He  has been practicing homeopathy for more than 20 yrs , and has much clinical evidence to say that homeopathic similimum can help the patient in such a way that  allergic reactions to wheat and gluten can be removed.

Wheat allergy is a reaction to foods containing wheat, even foods having traces of wheat. Therefore, where it is the obvious culprits like cakes, cookies, bread, or unsuspecting products like ice cream, soy sauce or hot dogs, wheat allergy can make life hell for the sufferers. A person allergic to wheat faces enormous challenges in daily life. The allergic reaction can be caused not just by eating wheat but, in some cases, even by inhaling or coming in touch with wheat flour. Since wheat is one of the primary types of flours used in foods like bread, cakes, cookies, cereals, pasta, crackers, etc, it is not easy for the allergic person to avoid an encounter with wheat in his surroundings.

Speaking in detail about this condition, Dr. Singh says, “Gluten in the wheat can gradually erode the projections (villi) in our small intestine, prohibiting our body from absorbing nutrients from food.” While wheat allergy was earlier perceived to be a Western disease, it is now becoming clear that an increasing number of Indians are not using wheat in order to avoid gluten. However, in a country, where wheat is heavily grown and consumed, going gluten free may be a practically impossible step to take.

Realizing that the allergic reactions to wheat are obstinate, Dr. Singh examined about hundred patients, through preventive measures, experimentation & detailed study of symptoms over a period of time. Through this study, he claims to have found a strategy to find similimum for the rising intolerance in the Indian Diaspora regarding wheat. Now, Dr. Singh insists that with the homeopathic treatment, the right medicine brings down the sensitivity to the gluten protein, making it normal to consume wheat even for an allergic person, though with the passage of time. 

Basically, along with the homeopathic medicine, a person can start eating wheat in the form of a biscuit or a slice of bread once or twice a week. Over a period of time, his body adapts to gluten and the intake of wheat can, then, be raised to one meal and, later, to two meals a day. However, Dr. Singh asks his patients to refrain from eating wheat in all the meals all of a sudden. The process of introducing wheat to the system has to be gradual, he insists.

For his outstanding work done on wheat allergy, Dr. Singh has been awarded the “excellence award for wheat allergy treatment ” at the hands of Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Amar Singh.

Email-  Amarinderlm@yahoo.com

Website - http://wheatallergycure.com

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