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Pranav Sharma- A fission approach towards entrepreneurship

The sustainable realtor- Redefining the sphere of development with an unparalleled vision

Published: Jan 31, 2024 05:32:31 PM IST
Updated: Jan 31, 2024 05:52:44 PM IST

Pranav Sharma- A fission approach towards entrepreneurshipSitting on a self-made throne of opportunities, Pranav Sharma

A dynamic catalyst to the equation of development, Pranav Sharma, is a 27 years young entrepreneur and is the managing director for Felicity Adobe. His ace ventures, Valente NRG and Swarna Griha, under the parent company of Felicity Adobe have provided the impetus in revolutionising the energy production and real estate sector. Born to a middle class household in Jaipur, Pranav was raised with limited resources but great values. These values further shaped a vision and led Pranav to the path of an unprecedented innings. With multiple endeavours and new milestones getting established since 2017, Pranav is striving towards an era of his own and along his way, he has garnered many accolades including the prestigious title of Forbes 30 under 30 and made it to Fortune 500 edition.

The beginning of the beginnings

Born to a middle class household in Jaipur, Pranav is raised in the culturally vibrant pink city, Jaipur where he completed his schooling and excelled in the stream of science. Followed by an excellent innings of high-school academics, Pranav further pursued engineering from the prestigious institute of BITS Pilani. A significant inclination towards entrepreneurship attracted Pranav to explore the new horizons of industry and this embarked the onset of his next chapter after the college days.

Pranav started with his first venture in energy sector with Valente NRG. The company started as an initiative to develop clean energy solutions by identifying potential mega land banks and further facilitating land acquisition amidst the farmers and leading EPC companies like Adani power, TATA power, ANAYA power, IRCON, Canadian Solar and many others across the country.

Understanding the financial distress of a farmer and evaluating the challenges of the EPC companies, Pranav created a path breaking co-development model under which he established a team of experts for land acquisition from the farmers on lease and further help EPC companies in facilitating the establishment of mega solar and wind energy projects. The strategic model put less fertile lands to a great use and enabled the farmers with a recurring source of monthly income while retaining their land's possession. Further understanding the challenges of creating an infrastructure for mega energy projects in such remote areas, Pranav facilitated the process of developing roads, sewages, pipelines, boundary walls, street lighting and more. Hence, Pranav’s vision towards energy development created a sustainable WIN-WIN model for the farmers and the EPC companies while generating new avenues of green and clean energy production for the country.

In 2023, Valente NRG attained 4500+ MW (solar and wind energy combined) of energy produced over 20000+ acres of land and has brought down carbon emissions by 13 lakh tonnes. Since then, the company has only grown manifold in energy production, land acquisition and giving back to nature by reducing carbon emissions. With Valente NRG, Pranav aims for a sustainable source of clean energy for the nation while helping the drought-struck farmers with better and reliable source of income simultaneously. With such dynamic pace and powerful vision, Valente NRG aims at doubling the energy output by 2026 and excel towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Building a mega cluster of thousand dreams

Pranav Sharma- A fission approach towards entrepreneurshipBuilding a macrocosm of exceptional amenities to deliver a matchless lifestyle

The successful journey Valente NRG propelled his ambitions and pushed Pranav to strive further into the world of real estate. The year 2018 marked the onset of an era with the announcement of another venture backed by Pranav’s vision- Swarna Griha. Pranav holds a deep connection with Swarna Griha and calls it his dream project because this project fulfils the dream of a common household. Swarna Griha, a venture under Felicity Adobe, provides premium affordable housing to lower middle class and middle class income group. Followed by Prime Minister's vision of “Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana”, Swarna Griha I was launched in 2018 at a mere price of 14.5 lakhs to bring million dreams to reality. Aimed to provide a comfortable living for a low-income group at the cost of monthly rental, Pranav launched Tumkur’s most thoughtful residential project with affordable payment plans. This success encouraged Pranav for another leap and by 2019, he announced a new chapter in premium affordable living with Swarna Griha II. Pranav made the dreams happen and glorified them with the sense of premium living. Introduction of MIVAN shuttering, imported from Malaysia, helped Pranav entrench a new pedestal in the sphere of construction for Tumakuru and lead to the development of 700 homes. Under the umbrella of Swarna Griha, Pranav launched Swarna Griha III and IV in 2021 and 2022 respectively and introduced premium living and automated homes at the cost of affordable housing on the lands of Kolar and Belgaum. It was a challenge for some customers to buy their dream home due to mismanaged tax filings and poor banking history but Pranav didn’t let this become a set back and established a team to guide such customers through banking procedures while handholding them through loan application process.

The year 2023 was wrapped on a record-breaking note for Swarna Griha as the company clocked 120+ crores of revenue by selling 1000+ homes across all projects. Continuing his streak of fulfilling countless dreams further, Pranav aims at developing 10000 homes with an estimated development of 30 lac sq. Ft. affordable township within next two years and extend the legacy of Swarna Griha to other states. The year 2024 also marks the commencement of two new mega projects for Bengaluru in the area of premium and luxury residences as planned by Pranav Sharma.

Pranav’s journey has been an exemplary chronicle of zeal and to him, this is just the beginning.

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