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Rafi Kouyoumjian: Hair designer or a magician?

Born in Kuwait, acquiring an Armenian nationality, Rafi has been living and working in Abu Dhabi for 13 years

Published: Feb 5, 2020 12:32:48 PM IST
Updated: Feb 6, 2020 12:46:57 PM IST

Rafi Kouyoumjian: Hair designer or a magician?
Making women elated and cheerful from within is considered to be a hard part of a man's life. But this veteran, artistic, and expert hair designer from U.A.E. has already paved the way into women's hearts with his magical hands. He is none other than Howannes Kouyoumjian, aka Rafi Kouyoumjian from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. When it comes to color, cut, balayage, highlight, Rafi is there for any hairdos and for eliminating hair related woes.

Born in Kuwait, acquiring an Armenian nationality, Rafi has been living and working in Abu Dhabi for 13 years. He is aiding his clients for the last 15 years and currently works as an Artistic Designer at Beauty Spot Lady Salon at the celebrated Anantara Hotel in Abu Dhabi. One of the finest hairstylists in the U.A.E., Rafi, transforms his clients' appearance in just a single meeting. His positive approach towards his clients makes him unique in this creative field. 'Style is all about personality, and I genuinely care about who my clients are as individuals,' Kouyoujmian shares.

His clients, who have gone through a magical makeover, regard this eminent hairstylist as a magician. But Rafi considers hairstyling as an art. People across the globe travel to Abu Dhabi to achieve the most charming and desired transformation. "I've created a legacy here. I have customers coming from across the world and getting their hair done here. There's a reason why I believe that I lead, and others follow," Rafi adds. He pays great devotion to every single aspect of hairdressing and delivers incredible makeover to the clients. Rafi has worked with plentiful people, including prominent personalities and celebrities. He believes that the capability of the hairstylist is defined by the happiness and contentment of the client after leaving the salon.

Rafi showcases his skill and creativity on his Instagram page @rafikouyoumjian. Ranging from wonderful hairstyles, a marvelous highlight, to brilliant hair transformations - Rafi's Instagram account is a remarkable collection of his life's labor. You would definitely wish to visit his salon after viewing his exotic Instagram feed. Rafi is an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers. Apart from hair styling, Rafi is passionate about traveling driving fast cars and fashion.

After reaching the zenith of his career, Rafi does not stop learning and goes on expanding the boundaries of novelty and uniqueness in his work. 'LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE' - an apt phrase for a guy like Rafi Kouyoumjian.

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