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Sahil Chopra - Serial entrepreneur with a stellar vision

Sahil is confident of taking on the adversity and emerge victorious. The ability to persevere in the face of adversity is what separates entrepreneur Sahil Chopra from the ordinary

Published: May 6, 2020 04:13:08 PM IST
Updated: May 6, 2020 04:17:59 PM IST

Sahil Chopra - Serial entrepreneur with a stellar vision
Successful entrepreneurs need to employ excellent strategies, in-depth market knowledge and an insightful view towards customer behaviour. However, the streak of such qualities will not always work without traits like perseverance, determination, hard work, passion, and resilience. And, Sahil Chopra is one such inspirational entrepreneur whose motivation to succeed did not get him bogged down in the face of various challenges.

Sahil’s perseverance to manoeuvre his way to fortune through a lot of ups and downs is engaging. However, his massive success within a short span of time is even a more fascinating story.

With his heart set on transforming the business of outdoor advertising by using his entrepreneurial skills to his advantage, Sahil Chopra from South Delhi achieved some real success within years. As the hard days are over, he is now successfully running multiple businesses with a huge turnover. From running outdoor advertising and restaurant business to granting the services of a wedding banquet hall, Sahil is truly an exemplar entrepreneur.

In his thirties now, Sahil was aged just 23 when he was introduced to ‘Prime Outdoors’ which his dad was managing. “It was because my father observed that entrepreneurial spark and business acumen which he would need to hand over the reins,” he says.

But he was 26 when he was given the charge to manage the business entirely. As soon as Sahil Chopra went ahead, he began to create new opportunities to diversify and expand his business. After winning accolades in outdoor advertising business, he forayed into foodservice business and rented out the services of an exquisite banquet hall in Faridabad.

“Apart from Prime Outdoors, we have a restaurant chain in Delhi known as The Salad Story consisting of seven restaurants. Plus, we own a wedding banquet hall in Faridabad, catering for various social gatherings apart from weddings,” Sahil Chopra says.

Dealing with advertising hoardings, Prime Outdoors is a major out-of-home advertising player in National Capital Region (NCR) Delhi and its clients include some of the reputed companies like Bhutani Infra, Lakshya Media and Rapport media agency. The entity is also dealing with Municipal Cooperation of Delhi and Municipal Cooperation of Faridabad. While as The Palace royal wedding venue in Faridabad, stretched on seven acres of land and The Salad Story chain of restaurants in Delhi NCR have been bringing most profits lately. “The turnover was just a few crores when I took up the business in 2009 but 11 years later, the company has grown three times with swelling profits,” says a proud Sahil Chopra.

Asked about the impact of lockdown, Sahil sounds hopeful to take on the adversity and emerge with gold. The ability to persevere in the face of adversity is what separates Sahil Chopra from the ordinary. He says, “Although the lockdown has impacted all of our businesses, we have a clear strategy in place. Our work is the guarantee of our future. This will pass and we would be rocking again.”

While the Palace luxury banquet hall in Faridabad and The Salad Story restaurant chain in Delhi have made names by designing magical experiences for their guests, Sahil Chopra is confident to next big step for his outdoor advertising venture now as he proceeds to tap small businesses too who are looking towards outdoor advertising to promote their products and services.

“We are looking at more and more tenders in South Delhi as well as West Delhi. Going forward, tenders from government departments like MCD and Delhi Metro will also be tapped into,” Sahil says, adding, “It does not come easy. We have done all our work with precision and took care of the smallest of details. Now, companies approach us with the most lucrative projects.”

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