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Serial entrepreneur with expertise in ICT and Strategic Business Growth

All good things come to those who patiently wait"- Ahmad Moradi, CEO of NETSTAIRS

Published: Dec 4, 2020 05:20:46 PM IST
Updated: Dec 4, 2020 05:26:17 PM IST

Serial entrepreneur with expertise in ICT and Strategic Business Growth
Ahmad Moradi is a visionary knowledge engineer with a focus on business, technology, and equity structure.  With hands-on experience in human interaction, organizational behavior, art, science, and technology, he has introduced many new business models, products and technologies throughout his career.  Industry Wired Magazine called NETSTAIRS the most destructive tech companies of the 2019. Moradi was recognized as 30 Most Inspiring Business Leaders by Mirror Review Magazine. He was awarded 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Honoree.

As a serial entrepreneur, specializing in Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Strategic Business Growth with a focus on AI, he spent his career on specific industries such as online content delivery, digital media, interactive broadcasting, Health IT, healthcare services, law, internet, intranet, network management, and infrastructural networking. He brings a wealth of creative know-how and experience.  With over 40+ years of business, management, marketing, and information technology experience in various industries such as healthcare, and inclusion by over 37+ Who’s Who Registries and worldwide institutions such as IBM, MIT and other publications, Moradi was elected as 2005, and 2004 Florida Businessman of the Year. 

He has been awarded as Businessman of the Year for 2003 by the United States Presidential Business Commission. He was Honorary Co-Chairman of Business Advisory Council awarded by National Leadership Council and National Republican Congressional Committee (2003).  He was awarded NRCC Congressional Order of Merit.  In 2002, he was elected as an Honorary Chairman of The United States Presidential Business Commission earning him a Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for his contribution. He has a vast degree of structural business experience with prominence in technology, finance, marketing, management, mergers, & acquisitions (M&A).

He has served as an elected officer of public companies and advised companies to enter the public stock exchanges. Mr. Moradi is a self-taught and self-studied individual who has spent decades on various topics post-undergraduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in International Business which led to Ph.D. studies in Artificial Intelligence (Expert System).  He is currently Chairman, CEO, and President of Maxwell Rand, Inc., and, Inc.  In the past, Mr. Moradi has advised and acted as a catalyst for several research centers – universities, and scientists on various discoveries and technologies worldwide. 

He has provided consulting services to small, medium, enterprise, and Fortune companies. He currently provides consulting and advisory services through Gerson Lehrman Group Councils and g4 Inc. 

Aspire to become a pioneering hub for video-first innovation and technologies

NETSTAIRS.COM, INC came to formation back in March 2000.  The company’s vision was to become a pioneering hub for video-first innovation and technologies. There had been many posted timelines with projects hosted on Social Media that had been completed for many major brands around the globe or through their ad agencies where NETSTAIRS had to perform assigned video strategies.  “We also innovated and introduced the first AI based media streaming platform followed by first live stream on mobile devices pre iPhone and Android. We introduced Interactive Cost Per Time and interactive TV – connected to leading CDNs around the globe.  With the introduction of remote work in 2006, followed by virtual town hall heling President Obama 2nd round of elections we delivered Group Watch TV”, Ahmad asserts. 

Today, NETSTAIRS specializes in building complex yet ‘Share a Link’ video broadcast, collaboration and communications (we call it iBCC-PaaS) housed inside AI + Machine Learning Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) dedicated to serve a variety of services secured and private services made for brands, enterprises, entrepreneurs, industries, telecoms, and Governments assisting with subjects such distance learning, real-time commerce, and more.

From business and technology perspectives, there have been two extreme challenges. “On the technology side due to my product vision, we had been ahead of market for most parts nearly a decade. (e.g. Example:  iV8, and HEXA2 Virtual Town Hall, and Live in 30 Seconds Streaming.)”, he says. Another reference to challenges that lies when NETSTAIRS introduced Remote Work. “We coined the “Room” experience and now with PIXEL, we have delivered volumes of Digital Media Room (DMR) or iDMR. With introduction of LETSCAST and DMC Peer Cast serving events and broadcasters, we pioneered group watch including Sept 26 2020 with the most recent NETSTAIRS channel partners delivering world’s first interactive live concert in Madrid, Spain”, he asserts.    

Post COVID-19 pandemic, demand has shifted.  They are actively assisting collaborative channel partners in sales, marketing, and distribution.  “In addition, with my 40+ years of being a catalyst and a pioneer, challenges are always welcomed.  It is in our DNA.  We match clients’ needs with own operational capabilities and apply client’s vision, mission, goals and objectives”, Moradi says.  Moreover, on the business side, NETSTAIRS is all about Video-First Strategies serving clients monetization or cost cutting needs.

A cutting-edge company

By being amongst the first to introduce innovation, they strive for being a cutting-edge company. Their platforms speak for themselves. Therefore, historically, every five years they had to reinvent themselves. They started with the Video Email Service called Cybermercial.  They served many global and luxury brands.  They built interactive TV and visually 3D corridors serving the Tobacco, Beverage, and Alcoholic drinks.  They helped to launch and promote household name brands namely Pepsi, Hilton, Avon, L’oReal and other leading ad agencies. With the advent of streaming, they saw streaming as the most viable future serving video delivery market. 

In 2002, they filed and was awarded in 2007 for the first AI based video delivery media middleware patent called iV8.  They pioneered live stream at trade shows and CES events to mobile devices before iPhone and Android. They elected presidents and officials throughout the world utilizing HEXA2 Virtual Town Halls. They licensed the first interactive social TV with world’s first interactive game show back in 2010 to channel partners. “Today, to embrace the spirit of our innovative drive, we work in video-first strategies combining, integrating elements of streaming and embeddable, HTML5, WebSocket, WebRTC, and more.  In short, I am proud of all our past, present and future lines of products”, Moradi says.

The biggest factor in his success has been tapping from within the power of “Higher Dimension”.  His parents enabled him to experiment with knowledge.  All his life he has been seeking knowledge as its “Absolute Value”.  He learned that as a human being an integrated set of complex energies, frequencies, and wave, he had to strive for the highest mountain he could climb.  As he grew older, my competitive nature transformed into collaborative and educational settings. He shares values both intrinsically and external with his team.  With all the past philosophy, histories, and religious script studies, he chose ISKCON.

“In 1976, I became a devotee.  Hence with the love of KRSNA that lives as super soul from within and reaching out to scripts such as Zohar, Bhagavat Gita, I shower my mind seeking spiritual guidance and rejuvenation while elevating own presence with the Zoroastrian roots following the good mantra of ”Good Words, Good Thoughts, and Good Deeds” hence removing all negative energies around me and only associate with those whom we share higher dimensions of life while bringing the best out of those whom we associate.  That intrinsic feeling of that makes my team happy is the sweet taste of success I offer to my creator”, Ahmad sums up.

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