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Trendy Traders sets an exemplary milestone. trained 8000+ people all over the globe

With their expertise in stock market, Trendy Traders have catered more than 8000 + clients and have expanded their services to more than 7 countries

Published: Nov 10, 2020 01:12:36 PM IST
Updated: Nov 10, 2020 06:42:20 PM IST

Trendy Traders sets an exemplary milestone. trained 8000+ people all over the globe
“Don’t invest in companies which you don’t understand” There are many people out there who have money to invest in stock market but do not have enough knowledge which stocks to pick. In today’s time, investing in stock market is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. But before you start investing, in the ever dynamic stock market, there is learning you need to do first. Here, comes one of the best stock market training institute in India trendy traders. Niraj Mittal founded Trendy Traders on December 2018. At the young age of 21, Niraj is an entrepreneur, investor and digital marketer. While training people about stock market Niraj realized the need for proper mentorship.

And as a result he also started mentoring early stage startups with business strategies to help facilitate their growth and strengthen their foothold. Niraj loves to propagate the idea of investing into the stock market and how it can lead to a financial and strategic growth of a person. As the matter of fact, he conducts various seminars and webinars about the same. Trendy Traders crossed a milestone of training 8000+ people and created a secondary source of income for them through stock trading.

Trendy Traders has already made its name in India and has expanded to Australia, UAE, Singapore and plenty of greater international locations. Many traders, stock investors, celebrities and entrepreneurs maintain in touch with Niraj for funding and stock buying and selling recommendation. The purpose behind Niraj Mittal’s Trendy Traders is to allow a beginner to learn the necessary tips and tricks along with acquiring the skills to understand the stock market. This pandemic has been tough times for each and everyone around this globe and they have taken this opportunity to make people revive in this atmosphere. With operations not only confined inside India but globally, Trendy Traders has helped a number of people to make the stock market a regular source of income. 

Their motto is “to create a source of income for as many as viable through stock market”. Niraj has recently step his foot in media world and co-founded “Trendy Marketers” with Pranjal Prasad which solely deals with Digital Marketing, PR and Business development creating jobs for many. Check out @trendy.traders and @nirajmitttal on Instagram to get a peek into the success rates and support they receive from their supporters and make your call today.

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