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TON blockchain introduces on-chain encrypted messaging feature

The TON blockchain is revolutionising communication with on-chain encrypted messaging, ensuring privacy and protection in a decentralised environment

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: Jul 4, 2023 08:05:54 PM IST

TON blockchain introduces on-chain encrypted messaging featureImage: Shutterstock

TON blockchain, a network developed by the TON Foundation, has recently unveiled a new on-chain encrypted messaging feature, allowing users to send private messages within the network.

Previously, TON blockchain users could post on-chain messages, but these were entirely public and unencrypted. With the introduction of the encrypted messaging feature, users can now send securely encrypted and readable messages only to the intended recipient.

The TON blockchain was initially based on code created by the team behind Telegram's popular instant messaging app. However, Telegram abandoned the project in July 2020, before the mainnet launch. Nevertheless, the code was open-sourced, enabling the TON Foundation and other developers to continue its development.

The TON Foundation has built the current version of the TON blockchain, which offers increased scalability and transaction throughput compared to other options in the web3 ecosystem. The network aims to maintain a decentralised nature while providing improved performance.

Anatoly Makosov, a core developer of TON, highlighted that the encrypted messaging feature adds a layer of personalisation to transactions. Users can now include personalised messages such as "for coffee" or "happy birthday" when sending Toncoin, Jettons, or NFTs, enhancing the user experience.

Moreover, Makosov emphasised the added value of the encrypted messaging feature in scenarios where traditional messenger servers fail, referring to it as a reliable and safeguarded communication method. This capability ensures that even during an "apocalypse" event, users can continue communicating privately and securely within the TON network.

Encrypted messaging is accessible through various retail wallet apps, including MyTonWallet, OpenMask, and TON Wallet. The TON Foundation plans to integrate the feature into the mobile wallet application Tonkeeper in upcoming updates, expanding the reach of this secure messaging functionality.

The introduction of on-chain encrypted messaging aligns with the TON Foundation's efforts to promote the development of applications on its network. In May, the foundation launched a $25 million accelerator program to encourage app developers to build innovative solutions on the TON blockchain. Additionally, an independent development team created a Telegram trading bot in November to facilitate user onboarding to the TON ecosystem.

With the release of this new feature, TON blockchain users can enjoy increased privacy, personalisation, and security in their messaging interactions. The TON Foundation continues to advance the capabilities of its blockchain network, positioning itself as a robust platform for decentralised communication and transactional activities within the digital landscape.

The writer is the founder at yMedia. He ventured into crypto in 2013 and is an ETH maximalist. Twitter: @bhardwajshash