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Power of persistent practice: Results are inevitable

Dr Gurunadh discusses the importance of persistently moving in life especially during the ongoing pandemic

Published: Feb 21, 2022 11:23:26 AM IST

Power of persistent practice: Results are inevitableThe COVID -19 pandemic has resulted in the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle throughout the world. Social distancing, including the closure of schools and home confinement,  has resulted in less physical activity, prolonged sedentary behaviour and poor sleep quality. Poor physical activity or inactivity causes muscle wasting resulting in several muscular-skeletal impairments .

Also, this sedentary lifestyle has caused an increase in incidences of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and many other non-communicable diseases. So as the pandemic is still ongoing, it’s high time to re-think. We need to move persistently following all precautionary measures. Move where ever possible, practice regular low/medium intensity high volume exercise, reduce the caloric intake for preserving neuromuscular, cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine health.

This video presents an insight into how physical activity is necessary for maintaining physical, mental, and financial stability and how Life is movement and movement is life.

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