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We either win, or we learn. We never lose: Harmanpreet Kaur

Her career has been a lesson in stepping out of the comfort zone and achieving higher glory. Swashbuckling batter and India's T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur tells us how

Published: May 21, 2022 09:06:22 AM IST
Updated: May 20, 2022 03:09:10 PM IST

We either win, or we learn. We never lose: Harmanpreet KaurImage: David Rowland/ AFP

“The best thing about hurdles is they can be conquered”

Be it in your professional life or personal, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Especially on the field. Even when our body is not responding the way we expect it to, we have to go and perform. Sometimes training is hard, but we have to be there. So whenever small hurdles come our way, I don’t take any pressure. Every time we overcome hurdles, we feel proud of ourselves. 

“Tough situations teach you to stop complaining”

The WBBL [Women's Big Bash League in Australia] was an outstanding experience for me in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone. Before that I was always travelling with my team and in the comfort zone. That was the first time I travelled alone... the whole journey I was alone. I met new people and had to do everything—from taking a cab and going to the ground to arranging food and cooking—on my own. I had never done these things in my life. But that experience made me tough. Now, I don't crib about many things. I know irrespective of the situation, I have to give my best.

“Diversity in a team is an opportunity to learn”

In the national team, the girls come from different parts of India, and understanding them is something I enjoy. Each time new members join the squad, I get an opportunity to talk to them and learn something new. Keeping them together can be a task. Sometimes, two personalities don’t gel well. But I enjoy doing it. When I joined the Indian team, I was fussy about food, because I only like to eat Punjabi cuisine. But now, over time, having gone out with my teammates, I have developed my tastes.

“Remember why you started. It’ll see you through tough times”

When we go for any tournament, I like to remember my childhood when there is no game. I was in the 11th grade, when I first got an opportunity to play with girls... I got a platform to perform as a cricketer. I had it inside me that one day I want to play for my country, become the best cricketer and lift the World Cup. Now that I have a platform to perform, I have to stay focussed and think about what I have to do.

“The process is more important than the outcome”

Whenever we go on the field, we always want to win, but the most important thing for me is giving your best and following the process. In the 2017 Women’s World Cup, it was disappointing that we couldn’t win, but what made me positive and hopeful was our process. The way we were staying together... that unity in the team, everything was so positive. I know the result was not in our favour, but I can’t let go of other things. We either win or we learn, we never lose.

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