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IIM-Ahmedabad placements: McKinsey top recruiter, consultants in demand

The B-school's placement process for the MBA Class of 2020 concluded earlier this week, seeing an increase in the number of participating companies as well as job offers given out on campus

Mansvini Kaushik
Published: Feb 19, 2020 06:18:52 PM IST
Updated: Feb 19, 2020 06:43:01 PM IST

IIM-Ahmedabad placements: McKinsey top recruiter, consultants in demand Image: Shutterstock

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) saw an increase in recruiters this year despite a market slowdown, with 153 companies offering its graduating class a total of 182 job roles. Last year, 139 firms participated, offering 184 jobs. In total, 38 firms were new recruiters on campus.

IIM-A follows a two-stage recruitment process. In the first stage, called the ‘laterals’ process, firms interview students with prior work experience. In the second stage, the ‘final placement’ process, firms are grouped into cohorts, and invited to the campus across different clusters. Each year, three days are chosen for these clusters, usually in February.  The timeline of the process is shown below.


IIM-Ahmedabad placements: McKinsey top recruiter, consultants in demand

IIM-Ahmedabad placements: McKinsey top recruiter, consultants in demand         Source: IIM-Ahmedabad
In the laterals process, top recruiters were wealth management firm FinIQ with 11 offers, tech firms Amazon with 10 offers and Microsoft with seven, and industrial and services conglomerate RPG Group with seven jobs offers too. 

The final placement process was dominated largely by consultanices; McKinsey made the most offers (27), compared to Accenture Strategy, which was the top recruiter last year with 24 offers. The Boston Consulting Group, a seasoned hirer here, made 23 offers this year; Tata Consultancy Services made 12.

Among the Niche Consulting cohort, Mastercard extended 11 offers. Among the investment banks, Avendus has been the largest recruiter for the two consecutive years with 10 offers, followed by JP Morgan’s eight.

This year, the Private Equity, Venture Capital and Asset Management cohort witnessed an 80 percent increase in participating firms vis-à-vis last year, including the addition of Matrix Partners and SAIF Partners.

In the consumer goods and consumer services domain, brewery AB InBev with eight offers has been the top recruiter over the years, while telecom firm Airtel brought seven. In the IT Consulting cohort, Tata Consultancy Services was the largest recruiter.

IIM-A students allows students to apply to jobs even after receiving an offer from another firm.  Such ‘dream’ applications saw 160 students, up from 143 last year.

This year’s salary package details will be released by the institute once the audited placement report is out, expected in November 2020. In 2019, the maximum salary package an IIM-A student received, according to the IPRS (Indian Placement Reporting Standards) Audited Report, was Rs 70 lakh annually in India, and $117,631 (Rs 80.6 lakh approximately) in international placements.

This year, two students opted out of the placement process to pursue entrepreneurship instead.

Shreyas Srivastava, recruitment secretary at IIM Ahmedabad said, “Over the past several years, we have successfully expanded our recruiter base to better address the diversity of the batch, as well as represent upcoming trends in the market.”