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'Shoppable livestream is the next big thing', SUGAR's Amrita Shinde

Storyboard18's Marketing Recoded series gets a sharp and fast insight into the minds of modern marketers. First up, head of brand marketing at SUGAR Cosmetics

Published: Mar 24, 2022 06:35:53 PM IST
Updated: Mar 24, 2022 06:49:29 PM IST

'Shoppable livestream is the next big thing', SUGAR's  Amrita ShindeNot competing with competitors but with the last experience given to consumers is a mantra Amrita Shinde of Sugar Cosmetics lives by. Image: Shutterstock

Storyboard18’s Marketing Recoded series gives us a sharp and fast insight into the minds of marketers behind some of India’s buzziest brands. In this episode of the series, Amrita Shinde, head of brand marketing at homegrown beauty company SUGAR Cosmetics, shares marketing tips and tricks that she picked up during the pandemic, professional advice that she swears by, and more.

Define your job as a marketer?

Building long-lasting and valuable relationships with consumers, stakeholders, team members, media and the audience which is founded on trust.

What are the three skills that every marketer should possess?

Know your audience. The second is to understand that every communication medium is different and the third is to be relevant when it comes to your communication.

What are the three most overrated traits?

First is over-investing in the top-of-the funnel acquisition efforts but ignoring to track or optimise conversions. Second is to market one-size-fits-all ideology and third is to push offers without communicating any values and insights of the product.

How has the role of a marketer changed post-pandemic?

Well, the marketers are now more invested and interested in learning more digital and social media

Tell us an important lesson you learned in the past two years

The important lesson that I picked up was not competing with the competitors but  competing with the last best experience that one gives their consumers

What’s the next best thing coming down the line for the marketing industry?

Well, shoppable livestream is something that I see to be the next big thing in the near future.

What’s a professional hack you swear by?

Whilst making an important decision always, and I mean always, back up your gut feeling with relevant data.

What’s the best advice you got on the job?

I'd say trying new things has way higher RoI (return on investment) than not trying things. What’s the worst that can happen, you will fail but at least you will learn.

What’s the worst advice you got on the job?

The worst advice was to create a push for the product even if it was for a one-time buy.

What’s your piece of advice to those entering the world of marketing?

Always work for the brand that you believe in else you will not be able to do justice marketing the brand or its products.

Marketing Recoded is a Storyboard18 video series featuring modern marketers at some of India's buzziest brands.

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