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Rise of fintech 2.0 - The next phase of fintech evolution

Forbes India and AWS 'The Mavericks' keynote address imparted some insight into 'The Evolution of Fintech: The next phase' and the crucial role of technology in shaping the future of fintech

Published: Nov 15, 2022 11:47:21 PM IST
Updated: Nov 16, 2022 12:38:37 PM IST


Ashish Wadhwani, Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures, in his keynote address at the Forbes India and AWS "The Mavericks: The Rise of Fintech 2.0" event, which was held at the ITC Windsor Bengaluru, spoke about the "Evolution of Fintech: The Next Phase" and how technology is the prime factor, without embracing technologies like data and the AI/ML revolution, financial services cannot function. Next, blockchain technologies also are driving change with their wide applications like trade finances, quick processes, etc. Followed by this, cloud computing and SaaS are extremely imperative for the future of Fintech.

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