The hottest art spots to visit this year

Art lovers are spoilt for choice with a calendar that is chockablock with art fairs, biennales (and triennales) and other art outings that span the world across all seasons
Curated By: Kishore Singh
Published: Jan 23, 2017
The hottest art spots to visit this year

Image by : DAG Modern Archives

Art Miami
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
December 1-4, 2016

They come in private planes, hire private yachts and party at Miami’s hot spots, but make no mistake, it’s the art that draws them in, this flood of collectors, curators, writers, museum directors, trustees and patrons who make the rich feel jaded, the cognoscenti like the hoi-polloi. The Art Miami fair sets trends that resonate around the world. Though it remains global, the focus is on America, the Latin American countries and Europe, with representations from Africa and Asia, and large-scale artworks and performances that create a buzz. The parties at Miami Beach are almost as exciting as the fair itself, yet the focus is centred determinedly around the art. This makes Art Miami the single destination that aficionados choose when they want to feel like the chosen few. Indian art, though, remains hugely unrepresented at the fair, something that should get addressed in the forthcoming editions.