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08 December, 2017

Flipkart's PhonePe calculations

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Podcast: PhonePe, Pay It Easy
In the race to a cashless world, why should the mom-and-pop store be left behind? Flipkart’s digital money unit believes it has the answer



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Cross Border

Frequent Flier

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Forbes India CEO Dialogues

Big Bet

  • Flipkart's PhonePe calculations

    The fintech revolution in India is finally happening, and into the mix has entered India's biggest internet-era entrepreneurial venture, Flipkart, with its PhonePe unit. Kirana stores and consumers across the length and breadth of the country can expect change, soon


India Rich List 2017

  • IT's time to make hay

    Despite a wobbly outsourcing industry, a stronger American market has helped tech firms grow, and has pushed two software billionaires up the ranks. But Infosys co-founders miss out as stocks tumbled over the Murthy-Sikka spat

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