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Coding global success

How an Indian startup is revolutionizing retail giants' business strategies

Published: Jul 20, 2023 12:28:32 PM IST
Updated: Jul 20, 2023 01:33:46 PM IST

Coding global successIn the dynamic and rapidly advancing realm of eCommerce, a new generation of Indian SaaS product companies is making waves across the globe. One such disruptor is Intelligence Node, a Mumbai-based startup, that now boasts an impressive roster of clients: from multinational retail conglomerates across 50+ countries, including Walmart, Nestle, John Lewis, and high-end luxury brands such as Prada, and LMVH.

Intelligence Node helps Fortune 100 retailers boost revenue & profitability by providing real-time insights into a modern, human-centric, and powerful new metric: Share of Search.

What makes ‘Share of Search’ the most impactful metric in eCommerce? Simply put, in the world of digital retail, every path to purchase starts with search. From keywords to SERPs, online search is the only metric that clearly showcases the discoverability and appeal of a brand on the digital shelf- and corresponding consumer attitudes toward market trends over time. As a result, it has become paramount for brands to prioritize organic search alongside sponsored and PPC campaigns. Retailers seeking to dominate the eCommerce landscape must now track top keywords to target for first-page visibility, stay up-to-date on competing brands and top digital shelf players, and develop a real-time view into the consumer buying journey.

Intelligence Node equips global brands and retailers with this data, providing real-time insights into share of search and digital shelf performance - organic & sponsored, including category & market share insights as well as a price, assortment & inventory comparison of similar brands.
Today, Intelligence Node boasts the world’s largest retail dataset of 1 billion+ SKUs across more than 1,400 categories. This directly drives ~$600bn in retail revenue globally,  by enabling their clients to integrate search-first outside-in signals into their decision-making workflows and revolutionizing retail strategy across pricing, assortment management, and digital shelf performance.

Here are the pillars of the startup’s massive success in eCommerce, and how its AI-powered technology aids retail performance worldwide:

Digital Shelf: Optimizing Online Presence

By harnessing online search analytics and evaluating share of search metrics, Intelligence Node is decoding the secrets of customer preferences and current market shifts. With these highly accurate metrics, retailers can adjust product content strategies, discount information, and even manage product availability to ensure their products and storefronts remain relevant and attractive year-round.

For eCommerce businesses like Michelin Tyres, Walmart, and more, Intelligence Node offers insights into product availability and 'share of shelf' across various eCommerce platforms. This real-time understanding of online presence compared to competitors empowers clients to fine-tune their digital shelf strategies for maximum impact.

Intelligence Node's dynamic content optimization strategies boost SEO and online visibility for global brands. By analyzing high-performing content and accessing high-impact keywords across the digital shelf, brands are able to adopt changes rapidly and enhance visibility on search engine results, thereby driving more organic traffic to their site.

Pricing: Fortifying Business Strategies with Real-Time Insights

Driven by its expansive database and years of experience in servicing category leaders, Intelligence Node is influencing business decisions for massive retailers worldwide, right from India. The startup’s 99% accurate retail analytics, powered by proprietary AI/ML algorithms and integrated via APIs, blends seamlessly into the existing workflows of retail clients, enabling pricing and operations teams to action crucial market insights in real time.

In the grocery sector, for example, this technology has already transformed operations for two major players. For Walmart, Intelligence Node's real-time data scraping capabilities provide insights into pricing changes across millions of SKUs, enabling swift reactions to market dynamics and intelligent pricing decisions. With Kroger, Intelligence Node optimizes its third-party seller ecosystem by offering insights on listing quality, pricing, and customer reviews. This integration helps Kroger foster a diverse and competitive product range for their customers. Similarly, Li&Fung uses the entire Product Lifecycle Data (PLC) to make smart sourcing decisions.

In partnership with IQVIA, Intelligence Node even provides digital market share data in the pharma category across 40+ countries. This data feeds directly into IQVIA's physical market share and IMS platform- revolutionizing Market-Share Data for eCommerce platforms at large.

Enhancing Brand Reputation & Elevating Customer Experience

Beyond sales, Intelligence Node elevates customer experiences by providing data on product presentation and customer reactions. This aids brands like Prada in designing effective visual merchandising strategies to enhance customer engagement.

Further, with highly advanced product matching capabilities, brands are able to ensure price compliance across retailers and storefronts. Intelligence Node's data scraping technology enables players like Nestle to monitor retailer pricing at a global scale, thereby maintaining their brand reputation and identifying seller violations. Further, by identifying various discrepancies, brands can recover sales by removing counterfeit products from the market. Such violations can cost retailers up to $2.6 billion every year in the U.S. alone- a 17% loss in profit margins, easily recovered with a modern, technologically advanced retail solutions suite.

Today, Intelligence Node is bridging the gap between data and decision-making, servicing industry titans with 99%+ accurate, actionable, real-time insights to stay competitive in today's dynamic eCommerce landscape. This homegrown Indian startup is indeed scripting a success story – one coded with love, from India to the world.

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