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Embracing sustainability with the global vision

Hiroaki launched an online shop dedicated to parents who looked for products suited for their children

Published: Nov 2, 2020 02:39:45 PM IST

Embracing sustainability with the global vision
In recent years the importance of embedding environmental sustainability in product design has been one of the major theme in business across various sectors.

While the global movement may seem to have emerged in recent times, it is a fact that the conversation has been around since the mid-19th century when the origins of the movement laid in response to increasing levels of pollution in the atmosphere during the industrial revolution.

Sagara Inc, with its sustainability driven table wear brand Reale, providing parents and families with table wears that contribute to children’s nurturing through product design and eco friendly ingredients.

Hiroaki Sagara shares that his biggest challenge to embracing sustainability was the financial one. The company,Sagara Inc were limited in terms of resources and knowledge at beginning phase it took a significant amount of time and money to build knowledge base and network of external cooperators.

When it comes to the theme of sustainability, The need of substantial education around plastic reduction is very much needed.

It is a fact that there are knowledge gaps globally across different industries, that applies to sectors such as retail and distribution, processing industry and many more.

In 2008 Hiroaki began to cultivate his understanding of product designs that suites the needs of both consumers and the environment.

Based on his own experience raising a child of his own, Hiroaki launched an online shop dedicated to parents who looked for products suited for their children.  Fast forward 12 years later his company Sagara Inc now focuses on their company original brand providing a table ware to the same consumer target.

Many people in the plastic industry, packaging industry, and resin material industry all over the world are boldly challenging the status quo and conducting reforms as to solve social and environmental problems and that include our company. However, the cost of raw material is still over 10 times higher than that of conventional plastics.

When it comes to quality and functionality as well as heat resistance and flexibility, conventional plastics may be superior at the moment.

By Sagara Inc encouraging consumers and production facilities to cultivate the understanding of how important being environment conscious is, that may drive the commitment and eventually enabling every one to protect  future generation from environmental problems.

While we are serious about paying attention to the ingredients in all of our product designs and production process, we also work hard to build a product line that supports children to learn table manners with ease.

One of the important key differentiation for Sagara Inc’s table wear products branded Reale is the focus on appealing to children’s  the five important human senses that includes hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight.  Through that effect, products by Sagara Inc is contributing to the positive effect for children’s growth.

The initiative at the manufacturing process include the purchase of sawdust of Cypress material.

By implementing the material from the woodworking facility that focuses on employing and providing job opportunity for severely disabled within the region it is the aim of Sagara Inc to contribute as much as possible to the local industry and employment.

Though many companies have participated in the environmentally friendly movement, only a small amount of companies such as  Burt’s Bees and Starbucks have succeeded in the pursuit.

As quoted by a renowned corporate training expert Michie Ishikawa, the road for  achieving sustainability through corporate culture depends on how a company can educate its employees at a level that the education helps improve the lives of each workers. If employees do not find the benefit of the knowledge to improve their own lives it would be difficult for any companies to lead an effective sustainability driven initiative. 

In an over-informed world where it is getting more and more difficult to identify success stories around sustainable initiatives, a brand Reale by Sagara Inc work hard to qualify as one of the success models.

The goal behind Sagara Inc and its brand Reale is to be a public company listed in a major market like United State or UK.

As a step towards this goal the company believes that the effort of providing local consumers with local produced materials could be a measure value proposition.

Find more information about Sagara Inc and its company brand Reale as well as related initiatives from its official website.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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