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EvolveBPM won the best emerging company award from Business Mint

EvolveBPM (OPC) Private Limited won the Nationwide Award 2020 in the category of the "Best Emerging Company Award".

Published: Jul 17, 2020 05:32:06 PM IST
Updated: Jul 17, 2020 07:06:29 PM IST

EvolveBPM won the best emerging company award from Business Mint
EvolveBPM partners with global clients to deliver scientifically proven strategies & solutions for revenue growth. Headquartered out of Wyoming, USA they have delivery facilities out of India & Philippines. In India they have their delivery sites across Mumbai & Bangalore.

Broadly their suite of offerings includes:

● Demand Generation Solutions

● Database Management & Business Research Solutions

● Media & Content Solutions

Demand Generation Solutions:

EvolveBPM delivers their solutions through their six pillars of excellence:

Technology frameworks

TechBase, a technology installs base Platform that is adequately powered with the help of BigData. Deeper insights into the company are provided so that they give adequate intelligence. This tool provides essential information on the competitors of a company and also about the products they produce.  TechBase tracks almost 12000+ technology products, they ensure that their data is up-to-date and refresh their data sets every 45 days.  

Innovator: which is an intelligent content hub that helps to monitor and analyse content consumption across multiple channels. It can capture the views on their assets and the amount of time spent. It also enables the bonus interaction of prospects such as survey responses, social sharing, and chat. Innovator helps in defining and driving Intent based data.


EvolveBPM has Trapyz, which is an AI-driven platform with which actionable consumer insights are obtained. The information is based on the data captured from the real world, and the companies can get a deep understanding of their consumer personas.  

Process Framework

● 6W – Discovery

● DDIA – Define / Design / Implement / Analyse

● Citadel – 7 step quality process

Database Management & Business Research Solutions:

EvolveBPM Also Provides Database Management Services including:

● New Data Build  

● Data Consolidation 

● Data Enrich 

● Date Validate and Cleanse 

● Data Maintain 

Business Research 

Research on businesses is done to know more about a market / technology / company / Person. Intense research is done by EvolveBPM in three varied phases to ensure a consistent process every time.  

● Strategy - The first step involves strategizing to look for new opportunities each time. They look forward to expanding the market presence of their clients. Also, global strategies are developed so that the companies gain a significant presence at a worldwide level.  

● Execute - The next step involves execution. EvolveBPM plans about the implementation of business and operating ideas. They thrive to increase awareness for the brands of their clients. Their clients also enjoy a competitive advantage, since they carry out adequate market research about their competitors.  

● Tactics - The tactics and techniques involved make sure that the in-market effectiveness of the companies is enhanced. They also check and monitor competitiveness regularly to look for frequent changes. The methods used by Evolve BPM also help to improve the supply chain.  

EvolveBPM (OPC) Private Limited won the Nationwide Award 2020 in the category of the “Best Emerging Company Award”. A power-packed audience witnessed EvolveBPM receive the award in this category. The company has been providing effective revenue growth solutions for quite some time now. The winner was decided by a star-studded jury that voted keeping in mind the growth of the company in the past years and the quality of the services provided by it.

In the past years, companies having high growth potential and innovative ideas have won this award. EvolveBPM (OPC) Private Limited has achieved great heights and has developed dramatically since its formation.

The working of EvolveBPM is entirely different from other companies. Investments in business are aligned structurally. Relationships are developed and enhanced.  They have strategic insights that are majorly focussed on growth. They have an in-depth understanding of each company's audience and work accordingly to deliver what is best.  

The entire team at EvolveBPM work together to streamline the whole process. They implement, measure plans and work towards generating impactful outcomes. Connect with the expected outcomes of the clients. Innovate and the measure to ensure they meet the desired objectives. They set high standards, and weekly performance reports are produced to keep track of enhancements made. 

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