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From Vision to Venture

How Prasanna K's Crypto Exchange Solution plans to take on the Infotech World

Published: Dec 14, 2020 12:00:25 PM IST
Updated: Dec 14, 2020 05:24:57 PM IST

From Vision to Venture
Prasanna K, Founder of Franc Exchange

If the entire time that humans have inhabited the earth could be condensed into a single day, the modern era of discoveries and inventions would occupy only the last 30 seconds before midnight. One such product of the ever-powerful technological revolution of modern times happens to be the blockchain, the efficient solution to cashless economies and cryptocurrency. On the same lines, Prasanna K, based in the quaint Indian city of Coimbatore, embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with his venture – Franc Exchange.

About the Online Entrepreneur: Prasanna K

Born in 1985 in Coimbatore, India, Prasanna K completed his BBA degree from the reputed Annamalai University in 2008. Having developed a deep interest in computer applications, he went on to pursue a diploma in computer applications, hardware and networking. At the same time, he also earned the much-coveted recognition of a ‘Microsoft Certified Professional’ or MCP for his skills.

In the extensive experience he gained over the years, he donned multiple roles and portfolios such as the head of marketing, business development, operations management, retail, sales, international business and customer relationship management. At the same time, his stint with financial products and IT-enabled services spread over eight long years of exhaustive learning, leadership and ingenuity. His association with the leading Franc IT Solutions has been one marked by constant growth, upward mobility and a focussed vision, along with rich augmentation in terms of experience, greater ideas and exposure to international contacts.

Leveraging the Power of Blockchain: Why Franc Exchange?

Well, as they say about inspiration, the more you use, the more you have. Come 2015 and Mr Prasanna K found himself leaning towards Bitcoin, the new and promising market revolution. Pairing extensive research and development in crypto trading, blockchain and their applications with the responsiveness of an able team, Mr Prasanna K was able to power through the uncertainties and lack of awareness around the technology in no time.

In a time when businesses and organizations were doubtful of how to leverage this newfound prospect, Mr Prasanna K engaged himself in spreading awareness about the myriad possibilities blockchain technology holds for them. With a vision to serve the working class, business professionals and the developing society as a whole, Mr Prasanna K is currently undertaking the mammoth task of delivering his technological concepts, powered by blockchain solutions, to the digital assets’ marketplace.

Operated by Franc IT Solutions itself, Franc Exchange is a security-centric, multi-currency supported trading platform promoted by Mr Prasanna K. The primary goal the platform targets in its ventures is the creation and streamlining of trusted and efficient digital asset marketplaces. Franc Exchange already caters to its wide customer base through a mobile application on the Android platform and through a web based exchange. The latter has also released an informative Video. Franc IT Solutions also plans to apply for the US Federal License in 2021, to render its services to the burgeoning genre of infotech on a global scale.

Franc Exchange comes with ERC20 compliance, along with being compliant to the requisite Indian regulations and KYC processes. As stated earlier, the platform supports an array of leading fiat currencies from around the world, which includes the US dollar and the Euro.

The high-frequency trading platform is Segwit-enabled, with USA-based Hash Consultants providing blockchain agnostic framework solutions to its entire transaction chain. The latter is a leading global software company offering solutions in Blockchain, AI, Big Data and IoT. Together with HashCash, which enable enterprises to move assets across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, and more, Franc Exchange envisions taking its services to a wider global base soon.

In the Words of the Entrepreneur

Mr Prasanna K believes in the tremendous power a single idea can have. Although his journey has been one of ups and downs, his professional graph has barely been anything other than an upward trend. Mr Prasanna K credits this not to luck or resources, but to the constant thirst he had for learning and growth, for not stopping at a vision but transforming it into a venture.

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