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How Fariba Rahimi International Model and Actress is Changing the World

Fariba Rahimi is an international star and model, is changing the world by helping people improve their lives

Published: May 28, 2020 10:44:06 AM IST
Updated: May 28, 2020 10:46:20 AM IST

How Fariba Rahimi International Model and Actress is Changing the World

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” –Harriet Tubman.

This quote depicts exactly the picture of the person no other than Fariba Rahimi. As everybody knows, Fariba Rahimi is an international star, Versace model; empowered entrepreneur serving for humanitarian purposes is on her way of becoming a movie star, to launch an application and building a school and hospital aimed to help people to improve their life, in every possible way. 

Fariba Rahimi grosses more than 300K followers combined on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook by creating a lot of artistic content on her social media accounts. People are loving her beautiful pictures posted in the small Instagram squares with motivational captions keeping her main focus on helping people to have a better life. 

Being a Versace model and producing fabulous artistic content, she has inspired and changed the perception of a lot of people mainly women (of all ages) who see it a taboo to be a model and be photographed on the front magazine pages. She has changed their views of the fashion industry that anyone who has that courage and passion in her can be a top model despite of her age, background, and circumstances. The effect of media is very large in disseminating information. So, Fariba has used this platform to change their perception and created herself as a positive and empowering role model. 

Besides working for Versace, she is now spreading her magic of artistic abilities in the film world and soon be recognized as a famous movie star. Modeling and acting are two different things but the transition from modeling to acting is seen as a well-established route by Rahimi. Overcoming all the hurdles in this journey, she has worked in two of the movies shot in Africa and many more to come which will boost her talent. No doubt, Fariba is coming to the TV screen in your homes! 

A 40-year-old charming model who is making everyone crazy due to her beautiful curves has been on the mission to unite the world and helping those who are deprived of their opportunities especially on the continent of Africa. She has announced to build a new school and new hospital for the people over there by working with different collaborators. The school for children will be one of the largest online personal growth platforms where students can choose growth and transformative content along with their studies. One of her main projects will be donating to the hospitals in the African continent because of the people suffer from trivial diseases and can’t get the vaccines on time. 

The most high-profile thing a supermodel could do with her mobile phone was just throw something to an underling’s head but now they run empires from their handheld devices. Fariba is soon launching a new application which is her, another way to help people in this global pandemic. This new mobile app will enable people to easily and safely evaluate symptoms with an in-home screening tool and understand the next steps to look after themselves.

The app will be driven by artificial intelligence, which allows users to understand their symptoms, recognize if they have contracted COVID-19, and seek help in a timely manner. It also aims to identify potential coronavirus carriers, limit their risk of transmission. By reducing the need for patients to visit hospitals for screening, the app will also contribute to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and ensure care for those most in need. 

She has a good dose of passion, leadership, and planning in the world of business as well. She is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs as she is currently running two companies: real estate and construction maintenance business with more than 100 employees. As Norway is enjoying a period of a growing demand for housing, she is definitely creating jobs for the people to help them financially in the future. She is empowered enough to manage modeling and acting with these businesses but above all, she listens to people and knows how to read into situations to empower them as well. 

Known for her blonde hair, a well-groomed body, fantastic facial features, Fariba Rahimi surely has the looks to sweep the men off their feet and has the heart to help others to fulfill their life and fitness goals. Hence, we can see Rahimi is changing the world by helping people improve their lives whatsoever the field is!

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