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Mission Walk: Hope for neurologically disabled in India

Dr. Ravi Badavath's Mission Walk is empowering Neurologically Disabled people in India with the best therapy & personalised care

Published: Dec 29, 2020 11:50:07 AM IST
Updated: Dec 29, 2020 06:30:46 PM IST

Mission Walk: Hope for neurologically disabled in India
There are a select few people in the world who aim for respect over riches. For these empowered individuals, what matters most is giving back to society. Dr Ravi Badavath, the founder of Mission Walk, has a similar story to tell.

In a fiercely competitive world, where anyone with ‘lesser qualities’ than the best cannot be expected to survive, society tends to look down upon those suffering from disabilities. Faced with a lack of proper care and treatment, such individuals are subjected to unwanted neglect. In such times, Mission Walk strives toward its goal of enabling neurologically injured patients to walk again and live shoulder-to-shoulder with the others.

The Man Behind the Mission

Dr Ravi Badavath was quick to realize how the infrastructural aspects for neuro patients in the country were lacking dismally. Besides, physiotherapists were offered only limited training in the aspect along with lack of data-based research in the field. These factors had contributed to stagnancy in any further progress in the domain of neuro patient care as well as any improvements in their day-to-day living conditions.

Instead of deterring him, however, these situations motivated Dr Ravi Badavath to lead from the front. It was 2016 when he embarked on establishing a rehabilitation facility in Hyderabad to provide world-class rehabilitation facilities for neuro patients in India.

The Journey

The beginning of the journey was the most difficult phase of all. Dr Ravi tried to make ends meet by tending to at least 15 patients every day. However, he was well aware of the fact that each patient requires special attention when it comes to neurological concerns. Even the timeline of recovery is fragile and long. This called for more than just individual assistance.

It was then that Dr Ravi decided to establish an organization that could cater to different rehabilitation needs of patients with passion and utmost care. This organization would be able to realize his dream of serving each patient with special emphasis as well as providing them with affordable facilities for long-term treatment, thus penetrating wider sections of society and not just the privileged.

After all these years of immense hard work and constant effort, Mission Walk has earned the repute of being an expert in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Under its wide umbrella, it caters to the treatment of patients ailing with different conditions such as spinal cord injuries and other problems, brain injuries, stroke and so on. Besides, it also makes sure that its services reach patients of all age groups.

Striving for Brilliance

The organization has ensured that it identifies talented professionals from across the country for its services. Mission Walk has recruited some of the best physiotherapists from different corners of the country. The diversity and magnanimity the organization strives to seem more evident from the fact that it has therapists from almost every state of the country.

Mission Walk has come to be associated with the treatment of nearly 1000 patients so far, varying in the underlying conditions they were faced with. The repute of the organization’s talented professionals as well as its world-class services soon spread far and wide. Mission Walk has been seeing patients from all over the world in recent times. It owns the credit for having treated patients from across India, the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. 

The Road Ahead

So far, Mission Walk has been able to emerge as an exemplar organization in the healthcare industry. It has witnessed extreme satisfaction among its patients, thanks to its expertise across activity-based therapy, following skilled treatment procedures and assessments. Besides, the organization boasts of a wide array of high-end and low-end equipment, powered by the passion and hard work of its motivated staff. All this has made Mission Walk reach the topmost ranks when it comes to therapeutic destinations in this part of the world.

Mission Walk and its founder Dr Ravi Badavath aim to be the best in the world with the help of consistent innovation, patience combined with passion and hard work. By maturing its procedures and investing in the best equipment from around the world, Mission Walk aims to reduce further the recovery time of the millions of presently underserved patients in the global society.

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