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Powerhouse Iranian producer Kambiz Babaee is coming to Hollywood

To be a phenomenal producer you have to be a rare breed

Published: May 29, 2020 05:40:08 PM IST
Updated: May 29, 2020 06:27:48 PM IST

Powerhouse Iranian producer Kambiz Babaee is coming to Hollywood

If you’ve been watching the news about Hollywood recently you’ve seen a very bleak picture. Productions are shutting down indefinitely and are being moved overseas. The shoots that can happen are expected to cost an average of $1 million extra per project as Covid-19 prevention measures run up the expenses. Seems like a bad time to be a filmmaker in Tinseltown, right? Not to Kambiz Babaee. This Iranian business titan and extremely successful producer has dominated in the Middle East and now has his eyes set on America.

To be a phenomenal producer you have to be a rare breed. You have to possess unrivaled financial acumen and the artistic eye needed to spot great talent and identify good story. Essentially you need to be equally left and right brained. Kambiz checks all the boxes and then some. Let’s start with his success in the business world. After spending years as a pilot Kambiz turned his focus towards the business world. Kambiz currently is the Chairman and president of multiple airlines and engineering companies. That’s where his discipline and expertise comes from and he has applied all of this to film. As the owner and main investor in his production company Ofoghresan Pasargad, Kambiz has made stunning work with Iran’s biggest actors. Be sure to catch the star studded Mojavvez Khoruj (Exit permission) set to release in theaters this coming December (barring any Covid-19 related delays) to see just how great his work is. If you can’t wait that long check out Singing Whilst Asleep (2019) or his hit series We’ll Be Calm (2016) online. If you enjoyed those be sure to download his film Acrid and you’ll see exactly why audiences are so glued to Kambiz’ work.

For a country that boasts so many talented filmmakers, it’s surprising how small the Iranian presence is in mainstream Hollywood entertainment. In this covid-19 era you need a captain at the helm who has been through everything. There’s simply no room for any unaccounted risks any more. Theater audiences will inevitably be smaller when they return and with rising production costs, you need someone with extensive experience and boundless foresight to give your project a chance at success. After rising to the top in the world of aviation, engineering, and even news Kambiz is perfectly suited for this challenge. Also if the trends of the past 5 years are any indication, diversity in film is not only necessary for our growth as a culture but performs incredibly well. Last year, Hollywood sent a beacon of hope to foreign filmmakers when “Parasite” Directed by Bong Jun Ho of South Korea won best picture. The year before that “Roma” by Alfonso Cuaron was nominated. Kambiz has the track record and the ambition to add his name to this list. If you are a studio and you're looking for your investment to be in safe hands, or you are just a fan who wants to brag about knowing the next big thing before it happens, Kambiz Babaee is a name that you want to know. Soon so will the rest of Hollywood.

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