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Taiwan Excellence Awards: Honouring innovations ruling the technology aisle

The 31st Taiwan Excellence Awards is a much coveted award that the entire technology fraternity awaits for every year. To add to the glamour this year was the galore of entries it received this year, which once again established its unparalleled importance

Published: Dec 14, 2022 12:10:18 PM IST
Updated: Dec 16, 2022 12:21:53 PM IST

Taiwan Excellence Awards: Honouring innovations ruling the technology aisleNew Delhi, 8th December 22: This year Taiwan Excellence Awards received a huge number of registrations with around 547 brands and a total of 1,109 products. Established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993, Taiwan Excellence is committed to using wisdom and creativity to make sure Taiwan's best products enter the daily life of every consumer across the globe.

Every year they award products with innovative value after a meticulous selection process that evaluates products on the parameters of R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing. This year, the awards entered its 31st session, from the annual award of Taiwan Excellence.

The proportion of award-winning products reflects the competitive advantage of Taiwan's important industries, especially the information and communications category which is the highest at 42.3%, a significant increase from 29.8% last year. This reflects a surge in demand for ICT products during the pandemic. The ICT category is followed by machinery and components category accounting for 23.6%. Ranking third is the household equipment, hardware and building materials category accounting for 12.4%.

The registered list of enterprises shows how they have grown when it comes to the application of AI, IoT and other technologies, echoing the spirit of "Taiwan Excellence" emphasizing that "only innovation can bring changes to life". In response to the changes in life and business models triggered by the recent pandemic, these enterprises have also produced many innovative products and solutions in the field of remote education, online meetings, e-sports, and health and epidemic prevention.

Products that have received this mark of excellence from Taiwan are the ones that impact how we live. With the assistance of AI, Innolux Corporation’s Medical Volume N3D system combines the naked-eye 3D display and the company’s exclusive N3D algorithm to produce real-time light field. Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc., a Taiwanese telemedicine maker, has introduced an AI-assisted diagnostic device for diabetic retinopathy. The accuracy of AI will help the product users diagnose with added precision. As proactive steps toward more ESG-compliance, some brands like BenQ Materials Corp. and Innolux Corp. have initiated launch of green building materials like the PDLC Smart Optical Film and the Smart Dimming LC Window.

James Huang, Chairman, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, said “Since its establishment in 1993, after 31 years of hard work, Taiwan has reversed its industrial image towards high quality and innovation and has also selected many outstanding Taiwanese enterprises from various industries to represent Taiwan in marketing to the world.”

People's ubiquitous desire for simplified solutions is the key driver for innovation and Taiwanese enterprises have been consistent in making this goal a reality. Combining technological vantages with an innovative spirit, they have made affordability accessible to millions around the globe: be it media, climate action or healthcare. The Taiwan Excellence Award, now regarded as a benchmark in industrial innovation, has not only emphasized Taiwanese entrepreneurial excellence but also brought to light bigger environmental concerns and the importance of sustainability.

To know more check out https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en

About Taiwan Excellence:
Taiwan Excellence, set up by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993, comes to mind, as a body committed towards ensuring that the world gets to explore cutting-edge technology from Taiwan. They select and recognize products with an innovative edge every year by strictly evaluating them on the parameters of R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing”. Taiwan Excellence is Taiwan’s proposition to the world on how to live an innovative life. Building on the values of empathy, dependability, excellence, and innovation, Taiwan Excellence highlights domestic products as well as capabilities to paint a creative image for Taiwanese businesses worldwide.

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