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Bourgeois, ladylike, '90s: Fashion trends that defined 2023

As the year draws to a close, fashion search engine Tagwalk has unveiled the trends, brands, emerging designers and fashion shows that made their mark on 2023

Published: Dec 27, 2023 12:15:23 PM IST
Updated: Dec 27, 2023 01:23:57 PM IST

Bourgeois, ladylike, '90s: Fashion trends that defined 2023Tagwalk has taken a deep dive on the fashion trends that marked 2023. Image: Thierry Zoccolan/AFP

It might seem that inspiration in the fashion sphere was dominated by 'quiet luxury' and Barbie this year, but designers and luxury houses looked beyond these two very mainstream trends. 'Bourgeois' style, which has been on the rise in recent months, along with ladylike looks and the '90s were among the key influences for 2023.

As the year draws to a close, fashion search engine Tagwalk has unveiled the trends, brands, emerging designers and fashion shows that made their mark on 2023. Based on traffic and search figures for the last 12 months, the report shows that Miu Miu has clearly dominated the conversation, confirming the data from the Year In Fashion Report by global shopping platform Lyst. In any case, it is the luxury brand that generated the most traffic on the platform in 2023, for all collections presented (Autumn-Winter 2023, Couture 2023, Resort 2024, Spring-Summer 2024 and Pre-Fall 2024).

With 1.9% of all traffic, the 'little sister' brand of Prada is in first place, ahead of Bottega Veneta (1.44%) (which proves that a brand can leave social networks without suffering from a lack of visibility), Chanel (1.36%), Celine (1.3%), and Dior (1.19%). Turning our attention to the fastest-growing brands, Luar, the label of young New York-based designer Raul Lopez, stands out. Although Luar is still up-and-coming in terms of traffic, it posted the biggest increase over the year (+144%). Watch this space!

Schiaparelli took second place with an increase of +120%, perhaps due to the buzz generated by its animal-head dresses presented at the beginning of the year. Next in line were The Row (+104%) -- the Olsen sisters' brand which has gone all in on "quiet luxury," Bally (+59%) and Ferragamo (+52%). As for emerging designers who showed for the first time in 2023, The Attico stood out in terms of traffic (0.27%), ahead of Di Petsa (0.25%), Torishéju (0.15%), and Zomer (0.12%). Four fashion players who look set to be the talk of the town in 2024.

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The rise of 'bourgeois' style

After 'quiet luxury,' it seems that fashion designers are looking to bourgeois style. In terms of movers and shakers, this trend has outstripped all others by a wide margin (+198%), far ahead of 'ladylike outfits' (+127%), which -- once again -- put elegance and sophistication at the center of fashion inspiration. This is followed by 1990s-inspired outfits (+56%) and minimalist and preppy styles (both +42%).

But do these fashion trends correspond with what consumers are looking for? Well, yes and no. In that regard it's the 1990s that appears to be the most popular theme (1.25% of searches), ahead of 2000s style (1%), utility (0.7%), romantic (0.6%) and preppy looks (0.52%).

Finally, trench coats, a women's wardrobe staple, is the most sought-after piece (1%), ahead of suits (0.5%), corsets (0.4%), miniskirts (0.3%), and the midi-skirts (0.3%). Unsurprisingly, given the trends observed throughout the year, red was the most popular color of the year (2.5% of searches), ahead of gray (1.2%), pastel sorbet (1.12%), blue (1.1%), and yellow (1%).

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