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Our top reads of the week

Published: Dec 11, 2021 09:16:32 AM IST
Updated: Dec 10, 2021 07:36:41 PM IST

Our top reads of the weekImage: Shutterstock

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Our top reads of the week1) Aiming for a soft landing
Central bankers around the world are precariously tackling 'stubborn inflation' and focusing on the 'overarching priority at this juncture to broaden the growth impulses’. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has asserted to Dalal Street that the central bank would remain 'accommodative as long as necessary to revive and sustain growth on a durable basis'. This course of action will depend on a few imponderables. What are they? Here's a look.

Our top reads of the week2) Cutting a bigger slice
Despite having a first-mover advantage, for the last 25 years, Pizza Hut has been chasing Domino's to capture a bigger share of the quick-service restaurant market. The Kansas-born restaurant chain touts the title of the world's biggest pizza player, but this Goliath failed to move with the desi market. A bigger slice for Pizza Hut is possible only if it aggressively expands its reach, beefs up its store count and stays true to its renewed promise to deliver. Read more

Our top reads of the week3) Trusting the tested route
Venkat Viswanathan's ability to understand the potential of what the future holds is what propelled him into the ranks of India’s richest businessmen, after a blockbuster debut at the bourses recently. "Overnight success usually takes about 15 years," jokes the founder and chairman of LatentView Analytics. The 15-year-old data analytics company's IPO was more than five times the demand for India's largest-ever IPO from Paytm. How did Viswanathan reach here? Find out.


Our top reads of the week1) Disrupting the order
The founders of NoBroker, a proptech company that directly connects property owners with property seekers, realised they were disrupting the order when in 2015, angry property brokers barged into their office in Bengaluru and destroyed it. The experience was scary but weirdly reassuring. Seven years later, Saurabh Garg and Amit Agarwal's venture has become India's first unicorn in proptech. Here's how they started and where they plan to go. Read more

Our top reads of the week2) Giving is cool
Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha and India's youngest billionaire, has launched the Young India Philanthropic Pledge (YIPP). The initiative follows the Kamath brothers' pledge to donate a quarter of their personal wealth to philanthropy. Under YIPP, signatories, all under 45 years of age, will pledge 25 percent of their wealth with a minimum spend of Rs 1 crore per year. As Nikhil Kamath says, "Competing with each other about who has more in the bank is becoming less cool today". Read more

Our top reads of the week3) Frankly, Sudha Murty
Sudha Murty, Infosys Foundation's chairperson and a celebrated author, goes down memory lane to tell us stories about her childhood. Stories of the time when she beat men at their own game. Stories of her travel and how she found Bollywood to be the real ambassador for India. Stories that will inspire you. Stories that will make you smile.  Watch here

Our top reads of the week4) Building a health monitor for Earth
Pixxel, a space startup, is looking to launch a constellation of satellites in low-earth orbits that will take hyperspectral images of the planet and make that data available to bring about change in agriculture, curb pollution, and other important requirements to better the health of this blue orb. Awais Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Pixxel, talks about this constellation, their soon-to-be-launched satellite Anand, and Pixxel's ambition to get into deep space exploration. Listen here