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Anushka Rathod and a tryst with destiny

The detour of the pandemic led Anushka Rathod to her destiny. Breaking the orthodox mindset, she is discussing money and building a community

Rucha Sharma
Published: Feb 22, 2024 01:30:39 PM IST
Updated: Feb 22, 2024 04:01:36 PM IST

Anushka Rathod and a tryst with destinyImage: Mexy Xavier; Directed By: Kapil Kashyap Outfit: Zara; Jewellery: Twyla Treasures; Shoes: Aldo; Styled By: Zainab Shakir; Assistant Stylists: Mannat Bhalla, Samridh Gupta

As soon as the conversation with Anushka Rathod begins, one realises that her videos are genuine. Because just as she does in the videos, she simplifies every answer. Lessons on her content style are imparted, the difference between the ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) and Sebi (Securities and Exchange Board of India) guidelines for finfluencers who talk about equity investment and those who educate about personal finance is explained, and advice for the younger generation looking to choose content creation is doled out.  

“My detour led me to my destiny,” says Rathod who began exploring the power of social media during the initial months of the Covid-19 lockdown. Armed with a postgraduation in taxation, a CFA level 1 exam, and a few years of experience in investment banking and wealth management, she began by explaining simple industry strategies. The feedback and upgrade loop improved with every post. Now, her social media handles and YouTube subscription number boast a combined 1.8 million followers. In addition, her newsletter, ‘Crore Club’, commands more than 10,000 subscribers.

“Women don’t have freedom, and the one reason for that is not having either money or access to money or the knowledge about how to manage it,” says Rathod. She highlights how the money talk is mostly initiated with boys, and they are encouraged to make and grow it. “The information is not passed down to women. Later, it becomes even more difficult, and that wall becomes stronger where women don’t want to (discuss money), and they just delegate that responsibility to men. That’s why I strongly emphasise on women taking it upon themselves and becoming more independent, and bringing the parity of decision-making at home to 50-50,” says the girl from a Marwari family who first broke the barrier herself.

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Raj Shamani, content creator and founder of House of X, discovered her content via women in his house. “She was one of the first creators that women in my family told me about, and since then, there has been no looking back. Every week, I learn so much from her content; it was never taught to me anywhere else. Also, along with millions of people that she inspires, I learnt a lot about how to use my credit card effectively,” says Shamani, a 2023 Forbes India 30 Under 30 alumnus.
Rathod is not worried about ‘getting an audience’ at a time when attention spans decrease by seconds. She is focussed on building her community. “It is not difficult to get attention. But the attention that comes fast also goes fast. Always focus on building a community, your audience, the purpose of making content, and attracting that audience. That is the only way you grow and survive in this industry where everyone is chasing numbers. If you chase numbers, you will always be lost, stressed, anxious because attention is fickle, but one’s community stays,” she says.

(This story appears in the 23 February, 2024 issue of Forbes India. To visit our Archives, click here.)

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